Beauty 101 – reshaping the beauty experience

Beauty 101 – reshaping the beauty experience

When you take a look at the products from Beauty 101, you are first tempted to believe they are a foreign import. Beyond the coordinated and eclectic packaging, you will find a product that is natural and effective.

A quick look at their website will reveal reviews that give the brand high praise. Customers are well pleased with the company’s offerings. Making Beauty 101 a key player in Ghana’s Natural Skincare industry.

Although they started operations just and year and half ago, the brand has an impressive product range that keeps customers hooked. With over 8 different therapeutic scents and variants.

One of their popular products is the SkinFood Body Butter and SkinFood Body Oil which combine high performing oils and butters to target and solve dry itchy skin, heal and reduce appearance of scars and stretch marks, soften and moisturize all skin types. The product comes in lemongrass, lavender and tropical scents.

Their other products include a Babycare range, a variety of raw shea butter bar soaps that come in Charcoal and Neem, Moringa, Aloe Vera, Coffee, Cocoa, Honey Turmeric and more. Including shower gels and exquisite handmade candles. Beauty 101 is a true expert in the craft.

This brand does more than nourish your skin, it caters to your wellbeing with a therapeutic blend of essential oils present in most of their products. Most of the products are handmade in small batches using native traditional holistic recipes.

Meet the boss

Nuong Faalong is a Ghanaian Journalist, Entrepreneur and Gender Activist. She explains that for women and some men across the world, skincare is synonymous with skin lightening. This leads to the use of harsh, toxic products that only serve to damage skin. Nuong is on a mission to break that notion using Raw Organic Shea Butter from her hometown in Northern Ghana to produce products that are efficient, ethical and affordable!

Beauty 101 is a result of that journey. Harnessing the rich and healing power of wild-crafted oils and botanicals from all over Ghana into wholesome, nourishing products for all skin types. She calls Beauty 101 a celebration of nature and heritage as it harmoniously brings together her Gender Activism, Economics Education and Journalism in one capsule to deliver a product that:

Heals and nourishes your skin with its deep care and soothing luxury while being Cruelty-free, Handmade, Plant-Powered, Natural and Sustainable. Is sourced from villages in Northern and Southern Ghana and Centers women to ensure they have access to decent work and consistent income. Is 70 percent local to ensure a plough back into the domestic economy and contribute to economic growth.

Presently operating as an online shop, the company takes orders on their website and ships globally. The company aims to forge partnerships that allow them to permeate the international market and access opportunities that drive up production.

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