‘Strong political will from member states gives good boost to AfCFTA’


Principal Communications Advisor to the AfCFTA Secretariat, Ms. Grace Khoza, has applauded the show of political commitment by various heads of state parties to the AfCFTA agreement since the start of operations in the country.

She particularly singled out the government of Ghana for praise, recounting the seamless relationship since the start of the work of the Secretariat as the host nation.

“To be fair, the host nation has been absolutely wonderful. Working with the government and leadership of this country has been exceptional because they understood the AfCFTA mandate as they bid to host the Secretariat and therefore the support we have received thus far show the clarity of mind and purpose when they bid for it,” she told Single African Market in an interview.

To her, it’s been a vote of confidence so far to the work of the president of this country and that of the Secretariat when most visiting head of states are brought here to see the level of work that is being done in our quest to promote continental trade, and tells of the existing relationship between her outfit and the Ghana government.

Ms. Khoza expressed her utmost appreciation to the president, leadership and the people of Ghana.

She was also emphatic that having head of states who come to Ghana paying a visit to the AfCFTA Secretariat was a beautiful indication that the political will birthed the agreement is still strong and that party states still want to walk the journey with the Secretariat.

She noted: “Like most parents do, that’s when we are scolded for not doing well or encouraged when we are performing, but it is important to have that voices and to know that the political will is there for the AfCFTA to succeed. For the job to be done, we still need the political will and the guidance.”

Ms. Khoza was also confident that the cordiality that has surrounded most the visits to the Secretariat, especially the visits of head of states that are yet to ratify the agreement will inspire their decisions about the deal as deliberations continue.

“We see the tide turning and we’ll be excited to hear some good news after some of these visits. We have no doubt that these kinds of visibility and interactions will nudge them to finalize what needs to be finalized,” she expressed optimism.

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