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Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh, a Communications Strategist

Investor, IT consultant and Philanthropist, BigGodwin Martey, is regarded as a street evangelist whose evangelistic approach is characterised by giving to society and a giving persistent education on Facebook, predominantly to move people from point A to point B, as he calls it.

In one of his usual Facebook live videos, BigG shared what may seem like random business ideas in a one-hour, 32 minutes and 49 seconds video. The video, which is captioned: ‘Smart Ways to Make Money’, captivatingly opened with the jamming grove of multiple-talented Nigerian singer and songwriter, Lade.

Adulthood na scam you better get am for your mind.

You got to hustle make a living 24/7

Nobody go ask if you don chop

Nobody go send you free money

If you no get am you sabi

Adulthood na scam

The song suggests that success is not easy for any individual, business, or organisation. It is a combination of numbers or factors. Adulthood, in this song, is not limited to an individual, but can be a country, organisation, church, etc. Therefore, the lessons in this material are applicable in the areas of leadership, business management, etc. I share in this material what I think are golden nuggets any business leader would want to consider as they get enthralled in this provoking escapade; I render in my own perspective, my personal learnings from the masterpiece.

Stamina is required at the top

BigG suggests that you should not judge things you have not experienced. He alluded to a story shared by his mum of the life of a lifeguard at a typical pool. Think of any place to swim, say rooftop at Kempinski or Movenpick pool or Kingsby, where people start their swimming lessons as kids, with some eager to jump into the water and others quite sceptical and uneasy about getting into the water. In ideal situations, a lifeguard is always stationed at the pool to keep an eye out and prevent accidents if possible.

I remember a colleague who would never get into a swimming pool if she didn’t spot a lifeguard around. According to her, she needed to be assured that there would be a professional to swing into action in case anything went wrong. Yea, BigG says, we all depend on the lifeguard to rescue any person drowning, but when the lifeguard is drowning, people assume, he is either bathing, making new moves, or is just ok.

As a business leader, it is prudent to come to terms with the fact that the journey is lonelier at the top. It is indeed lonely at the top so you better know why you are there. For younger leaders, we should not be too quick to judge, successful people don’t find it easy to maintain their success. Support your pastor, boss, manager, or leader as much as you can while they also build emotional fortitude.

Capacity before abundance

When a tree is growing, the roots and stems usually develop first, and are strong before they bear fruits. Mango, oranges or you name it, in God’s infinite intelligence has it that the roots have to go deep, and the stem stronger such that the weight of the fruit does not overburden the tree. The main function of the stem is to provide support to the plant, holding leaves, flowers and buds; in some cases, stems also store food for the plant.

Thin stems do not bear fruit. The principle is deeper roots, stronger stems then many fruits.

The Prosperity of a fool shall destroy him. Proverbs 1:32

Wisdom is necessary as a precursor to abundance. In his illustration, unplanned wealth destroys. It is prudent that every person develops financial and intellectual plans and gradually grows the wealth or substance they have.

BigG suggests that you are not swayed by expressions like “When we get there, we will cross it”. Build your bridge to cross the roots. Build your bridges to develop a strong stem because not much can be achieved with a weak one. If you portray yourself as a business able to handle thousands of orders without the means to actually handle those orders, you will be found wanting when you get those orders.

Be like the five wise virgins; plan, prepare, and build capacity. Do not be caught pants-down. The dollar is not coming down against the cedi, hence, which bridges are you building to ensure you are not overwhelmed. Without bridges you cannot cross the river, he highlights.

Order causes increase

“Let there be a place for everything and everything in its place”. The illustration has it that, when you are finally ready to travel from Ghana to Dubai for that trip you have been waiting for, your luggage bag can take more clothes if you gently iron them and fold them neatly into the bag. It will amaze you that, the same bag could contain fewer clothes when they are crumpled, but more if they are orderly ironed, folded, and arranged.

Anywhere there is no structure, there cannot be growth. Do not just go with the flow of life; plan the flow. Let there be a plan A, B, C, and even a plan D.

There is a good excuse for every failure

Things are hard.

Fuel prices are increasing.

The economy is difficult.

BigG says you are right. Every failure has a legitimate excuse.

The question is, what is your strategy to navigate? If the dollar rises, will you be getting richer or poorer?

There is certainly a reasonable convincing reason for every failure, do not be trapped in these.

Success is contextual

The video which is designed for Ghanaians and Africans dominantly suggests that some practices and principles in Europe may not work in Ghana and Africa. You may have read the best real estate books by Trump or money books by Kiyosaki, but success is jurisdictional and territorial.

In Ghana, you will deal with land guards and many agents which the best real estate books do not address. Look at your locality and strategise ways to deal with your issues. While these books may provide some wisdom, ask yourself: does the context suit my locality?

It is not practical to file for bankruptcy as how some books will teach you. What is the message here? Learn from Prince Kofi Amoabeng, McDan, Dangote, and some local leaders in your continent who have made it here.

Micheal Ventura says: “Without context, a piece of information is just a dot. It floats in your brain with a lot of other dots and doesn’t mean a damn thing. Knowledge is information in context…connecting the dots.

Don’t just jump on trends or solutions; put them in context.

>>>The writer is a corporate trainer, professional ghost-writer and publishing consultant assisting busy executives to write and publish their books, articles, and speeches. He has served as Head of Protocol at a diplomatic mission, Corporate Affairs Officer at a French multinational agribusiness and as Events and Media Correspondent for a digital ad agency. You can contact the author via: [email protected]

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