21 caregiving professionals trained


A graduation ceremony is being held today for 21 people in Accra, after undergoing a three-month intensive training in caregiving conducted by Golden Care Agency, a caregiving and an advocacy agency operating in Ghana and the United States of America

The 21 people, since March, have been undergoing training in Geriatrics, also described as Elder Care, Childcare Management, Special Needs Care and Miscellaneous Caregiving end are being awarded National Schools Inspectorate Authority (NaSlA) accredited certificates.

The trainees, by the training, are both to feel responsible for advocating and altering quality caregiving to the vulnerable in society. Upon graduation, they are contracted by Golden Care Agency to provide their services to private homes, group homes, medical facilities, autism and down syndrome institutions, and day-care centres.

The Ghanaian society, culturally, provides social support for people living assisted lives through the nucleus family system. However, due to the dynamics and overwhelming nature of caregiving, there is the tendency of the caregiver to be gravely affected, emotionally and mentally, in the process of caring for the vulnerable if he or she is not a trained professional.

According to the 2021 Population and Housing Census, there are 2,098,138 people, forming about 8% of Ghana’s population who, live with varying degrees of difficulty in performing activities. This means that almost an equal amount of people, form support. It for the vulnerable ones are affected economically and socially without the intervention of the caregiving industry.

The caregiving enterprise is still an avant-garde concept with great potential to help curb the country’s massive unemployment, and also create quality lives for people needing professional care. Golden Care Agency has identified the gap and will continue to produce professionals to serve in this ground-breaking genre of service. The agency has a long-term goal of establishing group homes across the country where the aged and people living with autism will be institutionalized and offered proper care.



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