Glover App to redefine financial ecosystem in Ghana

Glover App to redefine financial ecosystem in Ghana
Chief Executive Officer, Glover App, Damilola Layode (left) in a group picture with some staff of Glover App in a group picture.

Glover App, a digital asset marketplace is poised to redefine the financial ecosystem in Ghana with its range of product and service offerings promoting personal and business goals.

With over 129 internationally recognised Gift Cards, Glover App provides seamless financial transactions for users looking to buy and sell Gift Cards by both local and foreign brands; buy and sell perfect money; convert excess airtime to cash; make payment for utilities and other bills, in addition to purchasing event and concert tickets.

Speaking at a press conference, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Glover App, Damilola Layode, explained the rationale behind launching in Ghana.

“This is the culmination of over 15 months of preparation. Ghana represents the next frontier for growth in line with our objectives for expansion. We’ve identified the right local partners with the capabilities to own the business and guarantee our revenue through the payment of royalties for use of our marketplace technology.

“With our range of innovative offerings, we’re staying true to our mission to create a thriving continent of individuals who are financially free and empowered to pursue their dreams to make Africa a better place,” he said.

He added that with the feat Glover App has marked in Nigeria as one of the fastest growing start-ups, they intend moving a much greater speed to consolidate all 52 markets on the African continent as one single market by making their services available in all the markets starting with Ghana.

“On the local front, we want to consolidate Africa as one single market place for digital assets. We are making our services available to all 52 markets that make up the continent. At the moment, this occasion represents the second market being on the list, the first being Nigeria.

“We believe that the core of the potential of the market is in our ability to fast-track corners. We want to be enzymes that catalyse pawns. One of the ways to do that is by providing alternative payment forms, but more importantly allowing people to be able to exchange stock value for what will be an intangible asset plan.

“The long-term vision will be to become Africa’s biggest Gift Card network, build an infrastructure that other businesses can build their technology programmes upon. That will take us straight into the bulk future of the business,” he maintained.

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