SIC Life appreciates fathers

SIC Life Insurance Company, the country’s second largest premium income earner in 2021, has celebrated ‘Fathers’ Day’

SIC Life Insurance Company, the country’s second largest premium income earner in 2021, has celebrated ‘Fathers’ Day’

However, Board and Management appreciated all its male staff on Friday, 17th June, 2022 at its Accra SIC Mall branch in grand style, with all ladies of the company coming together to grace the occasion.

The Head of Human Resource, Mrs. Louise Agyeman-Barning, speaking at the programme, said: “Sons are blessings and even the good Book says that they are a heritage from the Lord.”

According to her, an Akan proverb says that: “When someone gives birth to a son, we say, ‘Wo awo nipa’. Admitting that this would be a different discussion if we were celebrating Mother’s Day or Women’s Day, but for today, we will let our traditions and customs slide. Men carry on the family name, thus, our identities are derived from our fathers, and so we understand that assertion”.

She, however, reminded the men that they are a blessing to their biological families and the SIC Life Family. “Being a man, especially an African or Ghanaian man, in our setting is tasking. As the saying goes, ‘heavy is the head that wears the crown’. As the head of the house, you are expected to lead and provide, and this is uncompromisable. You provide for your immediate family and your extended family.

“The leadership, guidance, direction and discipline you provide is akin to the responsibility of the CEO of a company…  but you are not just managing the bottom line, you are managing lives whose futures depend on you. These special employees cannot be fired… you are stuck with them; especially when you have a family – they require security and love, and that is where the work we do as a company comes to play. You plan to love and secure their future even when you are not around by providing them with life insurance,” Louise emphasised.

She further explained that they should take up the challenge to model their daughters and sons on what an ideal husband and father should be like by the way they treat their mothers and how they handle their household.

The programme was attended by Top Management Stuffs, including the Managing Director – Kwaku Appiah Minkah, Deputy Managing Director ( Finance and Administration) – Daniel Saforo, and Mr. Stephen Kyeremateng – Head National Sales.

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