Izwe Savings & Loans renovates Moglaa Health Centre in Tamale

Izwe Savings & Loans renovates Moglaa Health Centre in Tamale

Izwe Savings & Loans has renovated the Moglaa Health Centre located in Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region. The renovation comprised tiling of the examination and delivery rooms and painting of the entire health facility.

The Moglaa Health Centre serves more than 14,000 people in 12 communities in the area including Tarkpaa, Lang and Zaxi. The facility is so critical to the people because the three National Community Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds providing primary healthcare are unable to deliver all the healthcare needs of the people.

“In fact, all the communities seek healthcare from us. We have only three CHPS compounds which is inadequate. We are grateful for the support from Izwe”, Mr. Adams, who is also in charge of the area’s three CHPS compounds said.

Why the support

The Moglaa Health Centre on which 12 communities depended was in bad condition. The examination room had an old cemented floor with cracks while the white walls had become stained. Portions of the walls also bore cracks.

Mumuni Adams said the support by Izwe Savings and Loans couldn’t have come at a better time, as he described the cracks in the walls as scary.

He said: “Midwives always complain it could collapse on them when they’re attending to clients. We are very happy Izwe has come at the right time to renovate the labor ward and give the facility a facelift, we are so grateful”.

Another big worry was that the health centre would often be invaded by livestock including goats and cattle.

The government of Ghana has provided three CHPS compounds within the 12 communities but they’re not enough to handle the huge population. As a result, many of the people still visit the Moglaa Health Centre.

Izwe provides hospital supplies

Apart from the renovation of the Moglaa Health Centre, Izwe Savings and Loans also provided the facility with some hospital supplies. These included BP monitors, brand new chairs for patients and blankets. Mr Adams said each of the CHPS compounds in the communities will be given one of the BP monitors while the chairs and blankets would be used at the main health centre.

“Each CHPS compound will use one of the automatic BP monitors, so it is going to be very useful and augment our work,” he said.

A representative of the Chief of Moglaa, Kpanala Alhassan, said they were happy when they got the news that the financial institution was offering support to the health centre.

He said the kind gesture of Izwe would forever remain in their hearts. Mr Alhassan said the health centre was very useful to the community, but its initial state was terrible, adding: “ we do not know how to thank Izwe.”

Privacy for patients

The labour ward didn’t have much privacy hence passers-by would often see women receiving care. But the renovation of the ward included the provision of screens to ensure the privacy of women.

A pregnant woman, Adam Amina, said: “Because of the open nature of the place anyone passing could see what was happening at the facility but with the renovation, we are able to stay in the rooms and have some privacy.”

Chief of Moglaa, Naa Prince Williams Andani, thanked Izwe Savings and Loans for the gesture and praised the health workers for their commitment to the people.

This story is part of the impact stories of Izwe Savings & Loans as it marks 10 years of operation in Ghana.

About Izwe

 Izwe originated from South Africa and currently has subsidiaries in Zambia and Kenya. The company has been operating in Ghana for 10 years, with a solid track record of providing tailored financial services to the needs of people from all walks of life including entrepreneurs, traders, teachers, soldiers, healthcare workers, business owners and any small to medium sized enterprise.

Izwe believes in supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as they immensely contribute to the GDP of the economy. It is for this reason that Izwe has ear marked GH¢150m to support SMEs in Ghana this year.

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