Absa Bank introduces first-ever QR Code feature for ATMs


If you are an Absa Bank customer with a penchant for using the bank’s ATM, there’s a new feature on the machine that will make your life simpler and more convenient than before. For the first time in Ghana, customers can now withdraw money from any of Absa’s ATMs with the luxury of a digital QR code, using their mobile phones. The functionality, which is now operational across ATMs nationwide, reflects Absa’s digital leadership in the banking industry.

Banking has always been a lucrative component of economic transformation and development across nations. With the advancement of digital technology and the dynamic needs of customers, banks are finding new ways of engaging and making transactions easy and convenient for their customers.

The ATM QR Cash feature is embedded in Absa’s mobile banking app; and allows customers to scan a code on the ATM with their phone to follow instructions on withdrawing the cash without the use of the credit/debit card. The process is seamless and avoids any physical contact with the ATM keys or buttons. It is a clear synergy between mobile technology and the physical ATM machine, elevating the way customers engage with their banks.

Commenting on the new feature, Director of Retail at Absa Bank Ghana, Charles Addo, said: “It is a new way of banking that immediately transforms our commitment to our customers. We are at a certain stage in the global dynamic of banking where organisations need to constantly reinvent to remain relevant.

“Our customers are increasingly coming up with new needs and expectations, and our responsibility is to meet them seamlessly. We are excited about this innovation, and we remain committed to devising new and better ways to make the banking experience worthwhile for our customers.”

The ATM QR Cash feature adds to a rich collection of innovative and creative products from the stable of Absa Bank. The bank has been at the forefront of digital banking leadership in Ghana through a plethora of products including Absa Cash Send and Cash Accepting ATMs that allows 24/7 banking on the go.

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