Mayajei: I am an extraordinary potential

Mayajei started her fashion business in 2018, and has also trained a couple of people. She had her training at Riohs College of Design.

Conceptions, cuts, stitches, fittings, models on the international runway strutting their stuff. For many up-and-coming fashion designers, that is the dream; but for Edith Maame Yaa Gyameraah Tutu, who owns the fashion brand, Mayajei, a fast-growing fashion entity, this is her reality.

It is the release of the 2022 Mayajei collection which currently is doing some international fashion week events. Through such initiatives, Ms. Tutu hopes to position Mayajei as the preferred fashion brand – both home and abroad.

In achieving this within the shortest possible time, she intends to build an unshakable brand for herself through individual and collaborative efforts of her hardworking self and industry stakeholders.

“In crafting my designs, I pay particular attention to the cuts. This is because the cuts are like the foundation on which you build to achieve the end product. In achieving that undeniably beautiful garment, the finishing also plays a major role, and finally, the icing on the cake will be details.”

According to her, details are an essential feature and an art that brings a garment alive and adds to its eccentrics. All of these are features that characterise an outfit made by Mayajei.

Bringing on such busting creativity into the fashion industry, it is her desire to break barriers outside the walls of Ghana. She pointed out that she has already started her ‘pushing’ into the outside world by working for some people in the United Kingdom and Germany. “I definitely want to break barriers after engulfing the whole of Ghana and Africa with my fascinating designs.”

Aside from herself and her clients, she is inspired by a couple of fashion designers both home and abroad, and she looks forward to a day when she can collaborate with them to dish out some mind-blowing designs. Among her list is Pistis, She by Bena, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, among others.

In order to create a not-far-to-reach niche for herself, Mayajei is currently working on her ready to wear collection to be sold on her Instagram store. At the store, fashion lovers can easily navigate their way through her collection and make purchases without any stress. “I promise amazing deals and designs that are worth the time and money”, she said.

In her line of work, she has worked with some Ghanaian celebrities such as Dzifa Grey and Gloria Sarfo. She also mentioned Yvonne Chaka Chaka as one celebrity she was happy working for. She is looking forward to working with a lot more celebrities in Ghana. However, working with Berla Mundi – whom she says is able to carry every outfit with so much panache – will be her utmost desire.

Beaming with smiles, Mayajei boldly expressed her conviction as a ‘nugget’ to the fashion fraternity. “Looking at what I have been able to achieve so far, I so much believe that my presence in the fashion industry will be remarkable in the long run and I would want Ghana and the world to look out for Mayajei because I am an extraordinary potential to the fashion world.”

Mayajei started her fashion business in 2018, and has also trained a couple of people. She had her training at Riohs College of Design.

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