Sunon Asogli led-consortium wins bid to construct gas power plant in Cameroon


A Consortium of Sunon Asogli Power Limited and China Energy has been pre-qualified to carry out the construction works of the Limbé gas power plant in Cameroon.

They were selected following the Restricted International Invitation to Tender launched by Cameroon’s Ministry of Water and Energy.

In all, five companies were in the running from the start. The call for tenders was launched on May 7, 2020 and the companies had until August 10, 2020 to submit their bids to the Ministry of Water and Energy (Minee).
Nearly two years of examination later, only the offer proposed by Sunon Asogli/China Energy group was able to meet the expectations of the special commission for partnership contracts set up by the ministry, a statement said.

The evaluation was made on the basis of the technical and financial qualifications of each offer. Scored out of 100 points, the group was able to pull off 81.7.

“The minister invites the Managing Director of the group of companies, Sunon Asogli Power (Ghana) Limited / China Engineering Corporation Limited, to get in touch with his Cabinet for the start of the pre-qualification dialogue…,” the statement released by the Ministry of Water and Energy said.

“This is an exciting milestone in the pursuance of our Pan-African development agenda, and our desire to be part of the solution to electric power supply problems on the continent,” Chairman and Managing Director of Sunon Asogli Power Limited, Togbe Afede XIV, said.

The ministry’s statement added that a consultation to angle on the technical means, as well as the legal and financial arrangement for the realisation of the studies, the construction and the exploitation is ongoing.

However, in the event of non-agreement between the two parties, it said the invitation to tender may be canceled and a new recruitment process will be triggered. Moreover, the said press release invites those companies that have not been selected to collect within two weeks, their offers from the office of the Minister of Water and Energy, upon publication of this press release. After this period, offers not withdrawn will be destroyed.

The others were eliminated for ‘non-compliant offer’ such as the Folder Energy Partners Limited / China Machinery Engineering Corporation Limited group based in Douala in Cameroon, and ACWA Power based in the United Arab Emirates; others for Non-submission of the offer like AKSA ENERJI Uretim AS based in Turkey, or Power Construction Corporation of China Limited based in China.

These results, the result of a long process so far, thus make it possible to build definitively on the Eranove case. Indeed, in April 2014, the State of Cameroon signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the pan-African industrial group Eranove for the implementation of this project.

An independent power and water producer 57 percent controlled by Emerging Capital Partners, manager of Africa-focused private equity funds.
Clearly, the contract consists of the construction of a combined gas thermal power plant and its related infrastructure in the town of Limbé, South-West Region. The delivery of the project is scheduled for 2024 according to the official schedule. With a capacity of 350megawatts, its gas supply will be provided by the National Hydrocarbons Company (SNH).

This, through the development strategy of national gas resources, was implemented by the latter. The project aims to meet energy needs in the Southern Interconnected Network (RIS), specifically in the West, Littoral and South West Regions. According to the PDSE (Electricity Sector Development Plan), the peak demand in the RIS network in 2035 could reach 4772megawatts.


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