Only two sachet water producers certified in Tamale – GSA

sachet water producers

Only two out of the many sachet water producers in the Tamale Metropolis are registered and certified with the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) – a situation authorities say pose health risks to consumers.

According to the GSA, most producers use filters and other machines that are not approved, hence, the water they produce does not meet the hygienic standards set by the GSA, thereby, posing risks to consumers.

The GSA says the health of consumers is paramount in its operations, therefore, it will collaborate with the Environment Protection Agency to commence an exercise to ensure all producers in the industry use the right machines, as well as practice good hygiene at their various production sites.

This came to light during a routine exercise conducted by the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) within the Tamale Metropolis.

The Northern Regional Manager for GSA, Daniel Boateng Ofosu, in interview with the B&FT, noted that the high population has increased demand for sachet water, thereby, making producers take advantage of the system to produce sub-standard water for the residents.

He added that some have their weighing scales below the standards required, hence, deceive the public on the amount of water in the sachet. For example, some producers have 500ml written as the content of water, but the real quantity is less.

Mr. Ofosu said it is not the intention of management to collapse local businesses; but to ensure the right thing is done, and to see to it that consumers get value for money. He added that all those who refuse to adhere to standards after education and several warnings would have their premises closed down.

He advised all the operators who have illegally placed GSA logo on their products to desist from the act, saying that anyone caught would be dealt with by the law.

He further advised consumers to be conscious of the kind of water they purchase, while cautioning shop owners to purchase from registered and certified operators to ensure the safety of consumers.

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