Poetry Corner: Cats and dogs

Poetry Corner

When the day turned into night

The night turned wet

Until the morning

In the morning

The ground was crying wet

…just as well

The tears from heaven

Had dropped in torrents and droplets

Flowing from east to west


The drains sped

The drains fed the stagnant lakes

The lakes fed the flowing rivers

The rivers fed the swallowing salty ocean

The watery depth deepened the sorrows of the swelling ocean


When night turned into day

The day turned a nightmare

None remained where they ought to stay

The walls tumbled away

The rooms raised their own Primsol line

The men raised their suits above their suites

The women praised the chicken for running to the kitchen

The children laced their boots on the wrong foot

And placed their books not for school


When the day dragged onto the streets

The streets died under running water

The streets choked beneath rolling rubbers

The streets dug old holes into new dams

The streets peeled off the tar to touch the dust

“From the dust you were born

To the dust you have returned”

Old cracks turned into new graves and caves


When the day stretched into the offices

There still existed vacancies

The emptiness therefrom was too hollow to notice

The desks

The files

The cubicles

The silent occupants remained behind closed doors

The parking lots

The scheduled slots

The banking vaults

The absent participants remained outside flooded doors


When the day spent the evening at the graveyard

There were new arrivals

Arriving before their funeral

Appearing before their burial

For they swam

And they swam with the current

When Nadmo remained absent

When Nadmo waited to be sent


When the day turned into night

The night claimed back the nightmare

Who wasn’t scared?

The reality was scary

Who was expecting even a raindrop?

None was praying for rain to drop

All were praying and trusting and hoping

Hoping to tell the rain to stop

To stop scaring the cats and the dogs



But sure

It has been so

Since 1960


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