Yes! Christmas comes early in May!!!!; playwright Latif Abubakar to thrill patrons with latest play

  • Fred Amugi in lead role

It is going to be a thrilling, dazzling and didactic experience next week, as playwright Latif Abubakar’s Globe Production brings to theatre enthusiasts ‘Christmas in May’, a play that seeks to sensitise the public against child trafficking and labour.

Woven with comedy, music and dance, the play would reveal why Santa Claus is out here when Christmas is actually some seven months away.

‘Christmas-In-May’ tells the story of four young adults in challenging times, who were tricked into an unknown, and their leader gets nabbed. They however managed to escape only to run into another unknown. When Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas, makes an appearance, something unusual happens and the play will unravel that mystery.


In a press statement by the playwright, Mr. Abubakar said the growing interest of patrons and the positive impact of his plays on the society have motivated the production team to continue with the tri-annual performances and regional tours. “We hope to touch more lives in the years ahead with an improvement in the quality and hilarity of our plays”, he stated.

Meanwhile in an interview with B&FT, veteran actor, Fred Amugi, who is a main character in the stage play, revealed that Santa, according to the play, is a character who helped the four young adults who were tricked into doing certain vices in search of ‘greener pastures.’

“Whoever came up later to redeem them, to emancipate them, to liberate them, is who they refer to as Santa. You know Santa is giver of goodies so in all their predicaments, a good Samaritan comes along and tells them not to go, but if they should stay he can do better things for them. If you watch the full play, you will come to understand why he is named Santa.”

Mr. Amugi seized the opportunity to advise the public, especially the youth, to be wary of unsuspecting people who lure them into moving from their abode to other towns or countries in search of non-existing comfortable life.

 child trafficking

He noted this as the main objective of the ‘Christmas in May’ play. The play will also seeks to achieve other hilarious moments with the seasoned actors. “You must come and understand certain things that are happening in our lives, especially the youth. Somebody comes with sweet tongue and you are ready to follow the person without any thorough background check, but Santa says stay and you will get to know why they were so thankful to him.

“You need to see it live on stage, it is not a film that you can watch over and over again so when you miss it, it might take you two to three years before it is staged again. Why it is necessary to stay in Ghana and not be swayed by wolves in sheep’s clothing,” he stressed.

The play, which is the 69th production of Globe Productions also features Jeneral Ntatia, Abraham MacPratt Dadzie, Shelter Say, Bright Kekeli Djangmah and Samira Suhini Farouk.

It will show on Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29, 2022, at the Accra International Conference Centre at 4:00pm and 8:00pm, respectively.

 child trafficking


Tickets for the play are on sale at the Airport Shell, Baatsona Total and Joy FM.  Alternatively, patrons can buy tickets via *447*1092#  on all networks, or call 0275027000 for details.



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