Coaching impact on mastermind through mBraining for self-mastery and corporate growth – Part 2

Scofray Nana Yaw YEBOAH and Shani NAIDOO
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In all forms of training, either essential skills embodiment or expertise skills, more phenomena occur during the knowledge and skill share, which brings to the point how relevant the awareness that every gathering is a potential mastermind. And for this critical reason, it must be moderated or facilitated for peak transformation by a coach or professional who has experience in ontology and mbraining to bring onboard the heart and gut brains together with the head brain to a congruence for impact. This goes a long way toward creating employee self-mastery and corporate growth mastermind.

Self-mastery is a matter of ontological beingness where one knows that when guided deep into the waters of the inner being, a lot of transformation occurs due to a shift from all forms of unproductive rote behaviours that stifles growth and development. In a productive mastermind where self-mastery is anchored, nobody in the given space thinks for the other, profound transformation experience emerges from the quantum into meaningful reality. When ontology meets science through mbraining in a mastermind session, people are stimulated, guided, and supported into congruency of the head, heart, and guts brains.

For example, a creative innovation will thrive on compassion to benefit humankind and the universe and boost into reality with courage. At this point, we can say wisdom has emerged or prevailed because knowledge, emotions, and intuition have birthed a ‘third mind” that benefits the purpose of the mastermind beyond individual interest. Ontological coaching or facilitation integrated with mbraining support a mastermind to eliminate the excesses of groupthink where potentially irrational and non-optimal decision-making mainly occurs.

Groupthink goes a long way to stifle growth and development because creativity interlocked with compassion and fired with courage is absent. What other experts called adaptive or emergent intelligence (wisdom) occupy the quantum due to the seamless congruency of the head (intellectual intelligence IQ), Hear (Emotional Intelligence EQ), and Gut (Positive/Intuitive Intelligence PQ)

Below are some benefits of ontological – mbraining coaching or facilitation of a mastermind

  1. The individual is supported to the point of self-congruence that awakens and expands their “wisdoming,” where there is a 360-degree observation of everything occurring.
  2. The individual is guided artfully towards clarity of their life “why” and “purpose” at the given moment with an established balance in the autonomic nervous system (ANS).
  3. A shift occurs in the languaging of the individual that replaces the rote languages that do not serve their life purposes through neuro-linguistic programming.
  4. It is a safe space for exploring the possibility, opportunity, and conscious awareness to reinforce their identity, virtue, and creativity to drive personal growth and development.
  5. Embody the quantum frequency and vibration to rejuvenate old cells and trigger profound new neurons that aid them to function in their highest form of potential.

Because individuals make up departments, teams, groupings, and special purpose vehicles on the corporate level, they breed a collective benefit as a mastermind to the company—a Corporate mastermind aims towards purposeful collaboration and integration for mutual interest. Hellen Keller said, “ alone, we can do so little, but we can do so much together. The following are some benefits when a coach is in the loop for a corporate mastermind.

  1. Corporate Values Embodiment: There is a collective embodiment and exposition of the corporate culture, values, and brand consciousness because the individuals can own the values by knitting them into theirs.
  1. Innovation and creativity: In a safe space where everyone brings their authentic being to the pool of frequencies, innovation and creativity flourish because there is collective emergent intelligence from everyone’s contribution.
  2. Evocation and promotion of well-being: When the ANS creates a balance like a yin-yang between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, our whole being receives renewed neurons, and new ones are created to meander through this VUCA world of work. This helps to trigger U.C.A.R to mitigate VUCA. Volatility to Versatile visioning, Uncerntities to Unlocking and understanding of potentials and leadership needed, Complexity to Curiosity and clarity of knowledge, skills, and personnel required, Ambiguity to Adaptability and agility to surf through the storms, and finally Resilience to bring about 360-degree observational and awareness approach.
  1. Transformational Leadership: This is the kind of leadership birthed by a corporate mastermind

that resonates with the highest expression of team wisdom or adaptive intelligence, which envelopes the leaders present to produce transformation among the staff and goals of the company.

  1. Holistic Results-driven and empathetic languaging: Languaging is the footstool of innovation, but it must come from deep waters in the inner core of the “third mind” to trigger holistic results which encapsulate the synchronicity of the cephalic, enteric, and cardiac brains of all who anchors the mastermind of the company.

Mastermind impact on SMEs and Businesses for transformational success: Neuroscience, mBraining coaching with support of neuro-linguistic programming in a mastermind session offers a powerful impact on SMEs and businesses for transformational success,

In the context of this article, we consider Neuroscience as change dynamics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming as tools and application of the method that will ultimately ignite and enable a dynamic shift, and mBraining as the agent of congruency for all the other intelligence (brains) in the human body (somatic).

This is the kind of holistic integration a coach in a mastermind moderation or facilitation brings to individuals to impact their businesses.

We need to solve our defective teachings and learnings on SMEs and the act of doing business throughout our lives. We will need to unlearn, relearn and rewire our brains to replace this aspect of ourselves that no longer serves and supports us in the current world. This is how we can bring about tremendous and lasting neural pathway improvement to function authentically, “ideate,” and nurture SMEs into global businesses.

A very intrinsic element of a business is the “why” you do it, not so much the “what” you do.

In Simon Sinek’s best seller: Start With Why, he unpacks this intrinsic component of “why.”  We must first know our why then know how to achieve our why, and lastly, how to maintain our why. In neural terms of all the integrated expertise, “why” is far more than just a word with a question. It stems deeper from the guts’ brains, and when it forms congruence with the heart and head, something extraordinary like great global brands occurs.

The 3W1H (why, what, how, and who) are the cornerstone components of success at an intrinsic level.  By incorporating neuro-linguistic programming and Mbraining with coaching strategies, the outcome is definitive for the participant and ultimately life-changing in the long term.  Mastermind sessions are the next element of real SME and Business growth through masterworks of the application of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) connection in Mbriaining ensures that the integration takes place in the correct alignment necessary for complete acceptance before execution

By incorporating neuroscience and Mbraining into business development, we will be creating a new era of success drivers that ultimately impacts our economies and the trajectory of our lives.

With integrated balance, everything works synergetically to achieve the highest possible outcome.  It is time for SMEs and the entire business ecosystem to be introduced to this magnificent set of tools.  Economies, especially in Africa, need to be rebuilt after the covid pandemic. One of the best ways to achieve this is to implement and apply these methodologies and integrative techniques.  This is how private companies can bring a new era of transformation to our people and change lives, one household and one business at a time.

The benefits of ontological coaching through mbraining are voluminous to enlist and explain all here, but it is the kind of human capital intervention tool that yields incredible results. In a recent interview with international coaching federation CEO Magdalena Nowicka Mook and Mark C. Thompson, the leading CEO coach globally, he did not mince words on how masterminding of CEOs around the globe through his project CEO Alliance yields results.

Among many essential tools for c-suites and management, he highlighted how a corporate language not in the sense of dialects but awareness and understanding of the core language of various departments, skill-sets, and expert knowledge is critical for transformational leaders.  One of the best ways for C-suites and management to be in the conduit of their company language is through a mastermind that a coach facilitates.

We encourage individuals and corporate bodies to invest in mastermind sessions facilitated or moderated by a coach with some background in ontology, ecology, mindfulness, Neuro-linguistic programming, mbraining, etc., coupled with years of practice and experience.

CoAuthored by

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah, PCC

Transformational Coach | Certified Professional mBIT Coach| Certified Professional Corporate Trainer | Lead Consult for Zoweh Global Consult, Ghana

Contact: +233243-085932 Email: [email protected]

Shani Naidoo

Master NLP Practitioner | Certified Professional mBIT Coach| CEO Nemesis Accounting, South Africa Email: [email protected]


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