Oparlor.com announces its presence with a huge discount for everyone!


Birthdays only come once a year, but Oparlor.com believes every day should be celebrated with some fabulous clothes! To commemorate this ICONIC moment for the brand, Oparlor.com is offering a 10% discount on every sale made.

The discount applies to all purchases made on our platform, regardless of the amount spent and the number of times you shop with us. The discount feature can be accessed upon checkout. To apply the discount code, enter SHOP10OFF into the coupon code field on the checkout page.

Oparlor.com also announced it has several exciting tricks up its sleeve: treating new customers to some big “surprise and delightful” moments, exclusive and special offers, and major brand collaborations. Oparlor.com is the best choice for fashion & lifestyle customers as it offers:

  • Convenience when shopping as you can shop from anywhere at anytime.
  • Access to a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products.
  • Oparlor Protection where we ensure store owners only get paid after customers have received their products.
  • An incredible user experience while shopping with Oparlor.com

Oparlor.com will provide Ghanaian Fashion Creatives with a comprehensive channel to sell and promote their fashion products. This includes:

  • A platform for store owners to reach new customers.
  • Tools to manage stores effectively with inventory management and sales reporting features.
  • Cushioning all marketing costs and strategy, and with our creative and modern marketing techniques to appeal to the avid shopper.

Most importantly, Oparlor does not charge a subscription or listing fee unlike other ecommerce platforms ensuring the store owners only pay us when they get paid.

Who needs a website when you can start selling online in MINUTES with Oparlor.com!

About Oparlor

Oparlor is an online marketplace which gives designers/store owners the platform to sell their products online and reach new audiences.

Our platform has been meticulously designed to ensure an awesome customer journey/experience. Using a well laid out design customers can easily explore and find their ideal products with only a few clicks. Our goal is to create a trusted and exciting marketplace to connect sellers with their ideal customers.

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Media Contact

Morenike Ayodele

Marketing Manager

Oparlor. Jungle Avenue, East Legon, Ghana

[email protected]

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