Meet Elaine C. Walker: an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, education advocate


Elaine C. Walker is a woman who wears many hats. She is the Title Founder of Everythings Education, MD of The GMA Group, an Impact Investor, Educational Strategist, Founder of Sister Circle Network and Co-Founder of Elite Mums African Network. In addition to all of this, she mentors female founders.

This impressive woman shared her journey to this point with us, and a lot can be learnt from it. She is a product of Streatham and Clapham High School and later, DLD Abbey College London. From there she went to Kings College London, Oxford University and then Kaplan International College.

Elaine C. Walker runs several companies, the first of which was borne from her passion for education. After her two children were named among the top 20 brightest children in the UK, she became an advocate for children from Africa and the diaspora, making sure that they have a seat at the table and are truly being built into the African leaders the next generation needs. For over 10 years, she has been at it, eventually making a business of it about seven years ago.

Her greatest motivation is her family and the people out there who want to be beacons to their communities. Things are not always easy but she wants to use her work to show that it is possible.

Her biggest achievement, according to her, is being a mother and raising two boys without becoming the stereotype of a single mother having her boys end up in gangs.

In the same vein, her lowest moment was when she lost her mother and grandmother five weeks apart. It taught her that out of every adversity something good can come out.

“Right now I am learning to love myself again. Last year was very hard for me, I suffered a lot of loss, but I have been on a journey of health and self-love and peace. In this place I am creative and develop new ideas. I launched an education expo in Ghana a five years ago. This year we intend to come back in October on a whole new level”, she says.

In the future, Elaine C. Walker hopes to be a UN spokeswoman for underrepresented industries, be an advocate for women and children, and become a household name when it comes to Education and affairs for female founders. She is looking to revolutionise education for African students globally.

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