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Real estate developers have called on individuals to engage the right consultants in their attempts to purchase a home, so as to avoid falling victim to substandard houses or land litigations.

Their comments come on the back of rising concerns over some home buyers experiencing land litigations shortly after buying them, or expressing extreme dissatisfaction about their purchased homes after moving into them due to some substandard materials used for the building.

According to Acting Executive Director of Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), Samuel Amegayibor, there are a lot of processes in home and land purchase that require the knowledge of technical people; hence the need to consult them.

“So, this issue of professional consultancy goes far to bring a lot of solutions for problems that a lot of people are having today. A lot of people are struggling today because of lacking consultation. They just assume that they can do anything, which is not so. Engaging professionals is what any property purchaser must do,” he advised.

Mr. Amegayibor noted that purchasing a house in the country is one of the most important investments, and must be done with extra care to avoid any regret in the future.

His submission was made during Metro TV’s ‘Home Owners Show’, where discussions were held on the topic ‘To Buy a property, What You Must Know’.

The Chief Operating Officer for Oseaba BPI MMC and Fabrication, Bennin Elisha Kobina, reiterated the need for individuals to do away with recommendations from close friends and agents who only look out for the commission they are likely to earn, and not the purchaser’s wellbeing.

Mr. Kobina stated that doing this will cost property buyers in the future, hence it will be better for them to seek the right information that will help them in their quest to secure a property.

He added that considering the help of a professional consultant goes beyond providing technical advice, as they can also assist with legal issues and, to some extent, financial advice.

Mr. Kobina stated that the introduction of a certified valuer in an attempt to purchase a property is also necessary – adding that all these can be done when the services of professionals are employed.

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