Serenade with Theodore Dzegble: Impeaching President Akufo Addo?


“Which part of the constitution proscribes a president from flying beautiful ladies in a private jet or drinking a tot of red Italian wine in a private lodgement with male or female guests deep into the night?”

Am I hearing correctly that the Minority in Parliament is thinking of impeaching President Akufo Addo over the wild accusations and explosive bragging of Serwaa Broni on YouTube?

Tell the Minority to stop sabotaging our ears. If there is anyone worthy of impeachable transgression in Parliament, it is the Minority. They have failed Ghanaians probably more than Nana Addo and his government combined. They are the ones most qualified for impeachment!

Why would a successful political party like the NDC, which has won four presidential elections in Ghana since 1992 and is copiously acquainted with our electoral laws, supervise the election of a candidate into Parliament who owns allegiance to another country at the time of filing for elections?

The constituents of Assin North queued in the sun for hours to cast their vote for a man who is fundamentally unfit for election as MP. And yet, the NDC with all its electoral credentials supervised the spectacular deviation with aplomb.

The result is that, not only is the NDC a minority party in Parliament today thanks to his disqualification from the Honorable House by the courts, but most disastrously, the party has willfully denied the people of Assin North representation in the Legislature. The NDC should blame itself for the mess in which it now finds itself and stop venting their spleen on the judgment of the courts.

My other dissatisfaction with the NDC in Parliament is their decrepit management of the E-Levy doctrine, which is set to unleash a regime of harsh taxation with dire consequences for individual pockets. Despite their loud promises to avert the passing of the obnoxious E-Levy, the MPs timidly staged a walk-out at the eleventh hour (their tails in between their legs), in a shocking surrender to the Majority. And now they want the courts to take the wheels under the E-Levy train which is already in motion. Why recourse to the courts when you can solve the problem on the floor of parliament?

That’s how the Minority dashed the hopes of many Ghanaians, and permitted the passage of the draconian bill into law. And by staging a walk-out, the Minority is basically telling Ghanaians to blame the NPP, not the NDC for passing the bill. What an astute, politically expedient way of throwing sawdust in our eyes!

And now they are talking about impeaching His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo for allegations strictly convivial in nature, romantic in character, and bothering on privacy rather than publicity. Which part of the constitution proscribes a president from flying beautiful ladies in a private jet, or drinking a tot of red Italian wine in a private lodgement with male or female guests? Why would the opposition waste precious time on bushfire allegations without proof, witnesses or professional analysis rather than working to reduce the economic anxiety among Ghanaians?

Nobody heard her cries when she flew around town with him in the expensive jet. Now that His Excellency is working hard on his repentance (he is only human) and the Cathedral is fast taking shape, awaiting consecration soon ─ what’s her name again ─ SB surfaces from nowhere, demanding her pound of flesh by making sweeping allegations that only professionals can ascertain!

Tell the Minority in Parliament that under the current harsh economic conditions in this country, impeaching Nana Addo is the last thing on anyone’s mind. The politicians have lost touch with us, sadly!


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