Societe Generale supports local artists with over GH¢200,000 as part of its Artivity Initiative

Societe Generale supports local artists with over GH¢200,000 as part of its Artivity Initiative

Societe Generale Ghana has organised an innovative competition for young artists to create unique art pieces using wood under the bank’s ‘SG Ghana Artivity’ initiative.

The SG Ghana Artivity Initiative, which kicked off in November 2021 as a key Corporate Social Responsibility undertaking, was designed by the bank to support local artists and to highlight traditional techniques using locally sourced materials. The initiative also seeks to provide local artisans in the Creative Arts Industry with support to help build sustainable businesses.

Ten participants were shortlisted based on their understanding of the agreed tasks of the competition, which was to design a tool with wood that a pre-independence Ghanaian hero or heroine would have used.

Societe Generale Ghana provided the participants with a 3-week grooming session, during which they were mentored by professionals from the Creatives Arts Industry. Each participant was presented with a free hand-held tool.

The final 10 shortlisted participants have been assessed through a three-step review process made up of panellists from the Creative Industry, SG Ghana staff and clients.

As part of the bank’s policy on diversity and inclusion, adequate provision was made to encourage the participation of women and persons with disability (PWDs). It was noteworthy that the 2nd best overall winner, Mr. Kweku William Obousi, falls under the category of PWD.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Georges Wega – Deputy Director of International Banking Networks for Africa and Overseas stated: “The SG Group has supported art for years and has a unique art collection located at its head office in Paris. The talent and creativity exhibited by the participants is further proof that, with the necessary support and encouragement, our local artists can produce work that can compete internationally”.

Mr. Hakim Ouzzani, Managing Director of SG Ghana and main patron of the SG Ghana Artivity Project said: “The bank will continue to support the growth and development of art locally, in line with values of the Group. Art is an integral part of the culture and heritage of a people, and it should be built upon and safeguarded for the benefit of future generations”.

The SG Ghana Artivity Initiative for 2021 was executed in collaboration with several institutions and experts who supported the participants: namely Antique Lemonade, Tekura, Dzartsui Arts, Jointed Ideas, Nu Afropolitan and Noldor Residency.

The bank’s business advisory Unit, SG Home of Business (HOB), provided mentorship to the participants on the potential business impact of their work.


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