#KwahuEaster2022: Taifa Community Chief acknowledges contribution of Kwahus to the town’s development

Taifa Community Chief
Nana Adu Bediako, 4th community chief to be enstooled in Taifa

The Taifa Community Chief, Nana Adu Bediako from Kwahu Abetifi has acknowledged the contributions of the Kwahus towards the development of the town. In acknowledging them, he gave a brief history about Kwahu businesses indicating it all started from Obo Kwahu before Ghana attained Independence. He explained that, this was due to the fact that most of the indigenes are hardworking and economical.

Most people realized entrepreneurship was very lucrative hence the decision for most people to veer into that direction.  Nana Adu Bediako revealed that Kwahu’s do not spend extravagantly and refuted the stingy tag associated with Kwahus. He advised the youth against dishonesty, unnecessary competition and envy.  He also urged them to desist from backbiting and the pull-him-down attitude but rather be God fearing and focused. According to the chief, Taifa means peaceful town. It consists of mostly Kwahus, Ashanti’s and Akyems with few other tribes.

Background the Chief

Nana Adu Bediako, 4th chief to be enstooled in Taifa. He has been the chief for almost 6 years now. He started life as a teacher and later a worker at SSNIT before venturing into entrepreneurship. He worked in Ghana for 10 years and travelled to Germany, Britain and then returned back to Ghana some 29 years ago. He has been married for 48 years and has four children. He currently runs a a guesthouse and washing bay in Taifa.

>>>The writer is a broadcast journalist with Dadi 101.1 Fm. She has over fourteen years working experience in radio broadcasting and has won several awards. She is an active member of KPN and hails from Obo Kwahu.

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