Arla Foods present ‘Inner strength’ award to Kanton SHS

Arla Foods present 'Inner strength' award to Kanton SHS

Arla Foods Ghana Limited has fulfilled its promise to Kanton Senior High School (SHS) by presenting Dano Milk products worth GHS5000 and a plaque to the school for their sterling performance at the recent National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

The products were given on the back of the Dano Milk Inner Strength Award initiative instituted to honour the courage and resilience of one Less Endowed School (LES) that makes it to at least the money zone of the NSMQ competition.

Having made it to the Quarter Final stage, Kanton SHS became the coveted recipients of the award.

Arla’s General Manager, Vytautas Petronis, who presented the award to the school was full of praise for the students and their coaches to have made it to that level of the competition. “The outstanding performance demonstrated by the students is an inspiration to all of us,” he said, and urged them to move to a higher stage.

Wilson Agbeko, Marketing Manager of Arla Foods Ghana Limited, engaged the students, explaining that the Dano brand is committed to building the inner strength which is made up of physical, psychological, and emotional strength, as well as the nourishment of consumers. “We are happy that Kansec is receiving the Dano Milk experience; one that is tasty and nutritious to build their inner strength.”

Mr. Agbeko commended the school for their feat in the National Science and Maths Quiz, calling it the “Success Story” of the 2021 NSMQ competition.

Speaking at the event, the Municipal Director of Education of the Sisala East District, revealed that the performance by Kansec is “so far the best regional performance in the NSMQ competition. This has resulted in the wining of five national awards by Kanton SHS.”

He appreciated Dano for not only awarding the sterling performance of Kanton SHS but also travelling all the way from Accra to Tumu to make the presentation. “This is unprecedented, we have never seen this before”, he said.

He appealed to Arla Foods Ghana limited to maintain the awards for the benefit of other less endowed schools.

On his part, the headmaster of the school thanked Arla Foods for fulfilling their promise to the school.

He enumerated some challenges of the school including infrastructural deficits in various areas and called on stakeholders to support the school as they make preparation towards the school’s 60th anniversary celebration.

About Arla

Being the 4th largest dairy company across the globe, we at Arla Foods operate our business in a responsible and sustainable manner to safeguard our company’s reputation while caring for our consumers all over the world. Today our footprints extend beyond Europe, to the Middle East, Latin America and Africa including Ghana.

Because we are farmer-owned, we own the whole value chain our products – from  the farms to  the final products delivered to your homes. This means we ensure the milk we produce retains its natural proteins, vitamins, and other important nutrients to make it natural and highly nutritious. In Ghana, our main brand is  Dano milk which is available in many variants to nourish you every step of the way.

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