There’s a business case for equity and equality – iSpace Foundation CEO

Gender Awareness Programme

CEO and Co-Founder of the iSpace Foundation and Chairman of the Ghana Hubs Network, Josiah K. Eyison has called on everyone including private and public sectors, entrepreneurs, and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), to use equitable and inclusive practices when designing programmes for women, people with disabilities, and people from vulnerable and marginalized groups.

He said this during an interview with radio presenter, Erskine Whyte on YFM recently, when he spoke on the Gender Awareness Programme (GAP), an initiative developed by iSpace Foundation to help innovation hubs learn, practice, and pilot programmes that address gender, equity, diversity, and inclusion in their programming and organizational activities.

The Gender Awareness Programme focuses on community development at the grassroot level to help organisations build a business case and increase their understanding around gender mainstreaming, equity, diversity and inclusion.

When asked how iSpace contributes to achieving equity and inclusion, Mr. Eyison mentioned that iSpace Foundation has several initiatives that support entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation in Ghana for individuals and startups through training, mentorship, and other activities. iSpace also has initiatives that support ecosystem development through collaborations and funding of innovation hubs and policy development support.

Mr. Eyison proposes a pyramid of change that engages multiple types of stakeholders including policy and change makers to get involved and ask pertinent questions around the topic, in a quest for inclusive spaces and communities.

Gender Awareness Programme

He further explained that an inclusive world means that all people can express themselves freely, achieve their goals, and experience lower rates of poverty. Mr. Eyison ended the conversation by saying that, “in an inclusive world, people will be more innovative, creative, and happy. Once we accept that, the world will be a good place”.


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