Chris Koney’s column: Should celebrities be considered role models or heroes?

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Celebrities’ main jobs are to entertain us as they are on television, the Internet and magazines. They never signed up to be role models, neither good nor bad.

Although they may influence many kids, youth and young adults, I believe that parents should be the role models in our lives. People in our society need to focus on themselves and less on famous celebrities. Sure they may make mistakes, but who doesn’t?

The main difference is that when we make mistakes, it’s not a headline in a newspaper. I can imagine that celebrities have low self-esteem and do some of the bad things they do because of how they were raised. They are used to being let down, and hated no matter what they do because everybody has their own opinion on anything they do.

Yes, I believe it would be nice if celebrities were good influences all the time, but it’s never going to happen. We should also take into consideration that the press makes stories and scenarios seem worse than they really are. How is the public supposed to know what’s the truth and what isn’t? Therefore, before we judge people, we should walk a mile in their shoes and see what it’s like.

By Rionna Putman


Some celebrities could be considered role models or heroes, others should not. However, nobody should be considered a role model simply because he/she is a celebrity.

Instead, celebrities should be judged based on what they are famous for, as well as how they present themselves to the public. Most celebrities are famous for some talent or ability so if there is anything worth looking up to a celebrity for, that is usually it. In fact, this aspect of a celebrity can even be seen as a source of inspiration entirely separate from the actual person.

For example, if there is an artiste who has made very questionable life choices, but their music still has a positive message, somebody can still want to emulate their creative talent without agreeing with everything that they have done.

Like any role model, we should observe celebrities for their admirable traits, recognise their flaws and try to find some useful insight about ourselves using both. They’re still just people, and while the media may choose to exaggerate their traits for entertainment purposes, they shouldn’t be looked at with rose-tinted glasses just because they are well-known.

By Tristan Wiltrout

Salisbury-Elk Lick

When thinking of the word ‘celebrity’, you may think of people such as, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber. These celebrities might not have the best reputation or be able to be considered role models or heroes.

On the other hand, there are celebrities who have selfless qualities and truly impact our society for the better such as Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie or Will Smith.

A hero is a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements or commendable qualities. Whereas, a role model is an admirable person looked to by others as an example to strive to be like. Some celebrities most certainly fit into either one of these categories, however, when in the world’s spotlight, many celebrities develop a poor reputation.

I do not believe celebrities should be idolised or worshiped as much as they are; however, some of them have achieved great things which indeed make them role models or even a heroes to some.

By Abby Cover

Conemaugh Township

The question, ‘Should celebrities be considered role models or heroes?’, actually raises a better question that must be answered first – ‘Should anyone be placed on a pedestal and regarded as a role model or hero to another?’

First, one must realise that no one ‘signs up’ to be a hero or role model. Miley Cyrus did not sign her recording contract to be a role model to young girls, she signed it to make music. Those who point fingers and say she is a ‘bad role model’ or ‘bad influence’ on their children clearly do not realise that it is not a celebrity’s job to show some random child the way to success.

On the opposite side of this argument, celebrities who present themselves as heroes or role models are also appreciated. However, it must be recognised that they are only human and are going to make mistakes, and inevitably mess up from time to time. However, this is how they become defined as role models: by the way they handle failure and hardships.

Those in the limelight do not always choose to be role models or heroes, and honestly, it isn’t in their job description to do so. So, before you condemn those in Hollywood for their behaviour, you must ask yourself: if you were in their position, would you be any better a role model yourself?

By Lindsay Walker

North Star

I believe that it is important in today’s society for children to have positive role models. Young and impressionable children need someone they can look up to and model their behaviour after. Often times, children’s role models include athletes, family members or celebrities.

However, many celebrities are not the proper positive role models that the youths of America need in their lives. While there are many celebrities who do good deeds for people across the entire globe, they tend not to get as much media attention as those who display destructive and inappropriate behaviour.

These celebrities are more talked about because their irresponsibility is more interesting to the media than the positive actions of famous people like Beyoncé, who works for the advancements of gender equality.

Seeing reckless celebrities on television getting attention causes many kids to act out and follow the bad example those on TV set. While we should acknowledge the good things many celebrities do, we should not admire their every move, and children should not be encouraged to look up to them.

By Sara Sredy


Some celebrities are more respectable than others whenever they behave decently in the eyes of the public. Even though some people may consider the wiser celebrities to be role models, they should never be revered as heroes.

The definition of a hero is: “A person… idealised for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities”. It is perfectly acceptable for a child or teenager to look up to their favourite singer or actor simply because they admire them as a person, but someone like that should never be idolised.

Real heroes are the people who risk their lives for our nation; people who endanger themselves for the well-being of others. A person who plays a soldier’s role on the big screen should certainly not be compared to the real thing. Celebrities can undoubtedly be influential to younger people, and in that respect they may be considered role models; but the real heroes here are the ones that experience movies in reality.

By Haley Beahr


Many people look up to celebrities. For some, they are role models or even heroes; however, not every single celebrity should be considered a hero or a role model. Only a select few should have the honour of those titles. Celebrities like Sadie Robertson or Tim Tebow should be considered role models because of the life that they live.

In my opinion, the honour of being called a hero should be left to our firemen, police officers, veterans, doctors, or even everyday ordinary people who decide to make a difference in the world. Heroes are world-changers, and our role models should support our values. Some celebrities do embody the qualities of a hero or a role model, but many fall short and get caught up in the life of the public eye.

By Alexandra Davis

Berlin Brothersvalley

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