Kwaku Osei-Sarpong – leading the charge for clean energy

Kwaku Osei-Sarpong

Kwaku Osei-Sarpong is an international business executive in Ghana, with a focus on climate mitigation, climate & clean energy finance, sustainable infrastructure, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)  and Impact Investing.

With an entrepreneurial drive and passion for how Ghana and other African countries can position themselves to tackle climate issues and take advantage of the opportunities that climate mitigation presents, Kwaku has been very active in the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and e-mobility space in Ghana and other African countries, creating and leading opportunities from jobs creation to helping organisations reduce energy consumption and cost, providing avenues for decarbonised electricity and ultimately reducing carbon dioxide(CO2) emissions.
He is the Country Manager – West Africa of RIFE International, an energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainable development company headquartered in the Washington DC Metro Area, United States. Kwaku leads the company’s international operations with responsibility for its business in West Africa. He also oversees and supports the company’s ongoing expansion efforts into other emerging markets in Africa.
The young green energy and finance professional has several accreditations including an Executive Certification in Alternative Investments from Harvard Business School in Boston, an Expert Certification in Climate & Renewable Energy Finance from Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany, a BSc. in Business Administration (Finance) from Central University in Ghana and is pursuing an MSc. in Real Estate (Sustainability focused) from Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

Kwaku Osei-Sarpong – leading the charge for clean energy

He has over a decade of experience in climate mitigation, sustainable infrastructure, and climate & clean energy finance. He has led and played crucial roles in the development, finance, implementation, and management of several impactful projects in Ghana, parts of Sub-Sarahan Africa and the United States.

As a finance and investment professional,he is well versed in climate & clean energy finance, SDG-aligned finance, ESG & Impact investing, and impact fund management.

With his significant knowledge and experience in Ghana’s energy policy, he is passionate about shaping energy policy and legislation, enabling renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electromobility markets, while providing access to clean energy and SDG-aligned capital in Ghana.

He is also the Founder of Capital & Investment Partners Africa (CIPA), an advisory and capital providing firm, connecting capital markets from the West and locally in Africa to green investment opportunities within Africa.

CIPA has supported several energy private equity transactions including a US$120million impact fund dedicated to early and growth-stage companies in Sub-Saharan Africa, operating in access to energy markets. CIPA is working toward attracting more capital to the climate and clean energy market in Ghana from both local and foreign sources.

As Country Manager – West Africa for RIFE International, Kwaku Osei-Sarpong has established a solid market for RIFE’s overseas business operations in Ghana and West Africa, where he has led notable sustainable energy business cases, grooming the company’s position into a brand that strategically provides services for public entities, private sector – commercial & industrial(C&I), and non-profits organisations.

RIFE’s solutions help organisations optimise their operations by providing services that meet their energy consumption needs. The company also provides innovative energy and development solutions that create impact in the communities it serves, and the nation as a whole.

One of RIFE’s flagship services in Ghana includes providing decarbonised electricity through solar energy for public, commercial & industrial (C&I), as well as small & medium enterprises (SMEs). The company deploys this solution by offering solar energy to its customers at no initial cost. This financed solar energy solution, when installed for the customer immediately presents opportunities to reduce energy cost, unlock capital through the energy cost saved, while reducing the emission of CO2 in accordance with SDGs 7 and 11.

Away from his work and business, he is also very passionate about giving back to the society through education and inspiring entrepreneurial action. He serves as an Executive Board Member in Ghana at Enactus, where he has received recognition for Leadership Excellence.

Enactus is an international non-profit organisation with over 72,000 student entrepreneurs and value-driven social innovators across 1,730 campuses in 36 countries across the world. Enactus connects students, academia and business leaders through entrepreneurial-based projects that empower young entrepreneurs to transform opportunities into real, sustainable progress for themselves and their communities, while satisfying the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

He overseas fundraising and partnerships in Ghana, as well as is responsible for supporting the initiatives of the student-entrepreneurs from ideation to investment readiness.

Mr. Osei-Sarpong is a doer who believes the way to create a prosperous Africa is to talk less and take more action. He exhibits this belief through grooming and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to act and create opportunities for themselves and their communities, while solving the problems that have hindered socio-economic growth.

He is an old student of Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (Presec – Legon), where he has attributed his strong work ethics, passion, tenacity and consistency as part of the training received in the school, which till today forms a strong part of his core values.

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