Doron Prestige Healthcare is officially open, accepting patients

Doron Prestige Healthcare is officially open, accepting patients

Doron Prestige Healthcare, an affiliate of the popularly known Doron Medical Centre, has officially opened Monday morning in Accra and is now accepting patients, the hospital announced.

The opening comes after keen planning and thought-provoking conversations with the Assemblies of God Church, Headquarters.

Located on the premise of the Church at Ringway-Osu, the healthcare centre boasts of ultra-modern equipment fused with extraordinary services from top-notch recruited staff of doctors, nurses, specialists and massage therapists.

Doron Prestige Healthcare offers services in pediatrics, gynaecology, geriatrics, orthopedic, dentistry, ultrasound, x-ray, psycho-therapy, family medicine, laboratory services, occupational health, executive/private appointment and massage.

In an interview, Founder and Group President, Rev Dr Godwin Kofi Ahlijah noted that the mission of the healthcare center is to demonstrate God’s love through excellent but affordable healthcare with passion.

He said the hospital is also poised to provide world-class, compassionate comprehensive and coordinated cost-effective health care service to individuals, families and communities.

“It’s a clinic where different specialists come on board. Now we have an ageing population and most people don’t know what to do with their elderly ones. So, this centre is also going to provide exactly that so that people can walk in with their aged and we will take care of them because of the presence of our geriatric specialist”, said Dr Ahlijah.

He added that “we built this facility with the mindset that you won’t need a referral to another hospital for specialist care. It is a one-stop shop and that way your healthcare is coordinated. We hope to correct the error where different doctors prescribe different medications for the same ailment just.

“Our concept of healthcare is preventive healthcare. It is always better than the curative because it is easier for the body and it is less expensive. So we give you an appointment not because you are sick but because we want to make sure you’re okay. In the advanced world everyone has a personal physician and this helps detect diseases before they even advance even when there are signs of formation. So we make sure they have regular and consistent health checks”.

Dr Ahlijah pointed that most hospitals in Ghana do not have time to interact with their patients or allow their patients to ask questions concerning what is going on in their bodies. “But here, you leave here very satisfied because we allow you to ask all the questions and understand what is happening to your body, why we prescribed a particular medication over the other and what that medication will do to the disease”, he assured.

Touching on the serene environment that the hospital operates, Dr Ahlijah noted that “Our environment is also therapeutic. It is very friendly and has a receptive and relaxing cozy atmosphere.”

Also present for the opening was the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Ghana, Rev Professor Yaw Frimpong Manso who expressed his excitement over the establishment of the clinic.

He said We are very happy to dedicate this place and commence work. Jesus came to preach the gospel and heal the sick. But Jesus also referred to a physician a few times. People believe that when you preach you should not have medical healing but Jesus acknowledged the profession of the physician.

“God will not do for you by miracle, what you have to do by responsibility. So even though we trust God for our healing, we pray to him and also rely on the physician to heal the physical. We need to promote regular check-ups and regular medical attention especially in the church.”

He congratulated the leadership of the Doron Prestige Healthcare and encouraged them not to relent in their quest of opening more hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country.

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