Recipes with Dainess Chef’s School: Tiramisu


Hi my coffee lovers! I present to you, ‘Tiramisu’. It is an Italian coffee dessert. The word means ‘pick me up’ or ‘cheer me up. This desert is made up of lady fingers swamped in hot coffee, stacked with birched eggs, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, brandy and sugar.

Just as the word implies, this particular dessert will put a smile on your face all day and keep your stomach grumbling for more. Follow the method below from the comfort of your homes and serve for the whole family. Divertiti!


Mascarpone cheese                                                                         -250g

Sugar                                                                                                -75g

Egg yolk                                                                                          -3pcs

Dainess Gelatine                                                                              -8g

Whipped cream (using Vizyon Whipping Cream)                          -250g

Brandy or kahula                                                                            -50g

Lady fingers                                                                                   -100g


  • Whip egg yolk and sugar to a fluffy and foamy consistency
  • Soften mascarpone cheese
  • Add gelatin
  • Fold in the whipped egg and sugar
  • Fold in whipped cream and add a bit of brandy or kahula
  • Soak lady fingers in hot coffee
  • Fill the glass first with soaked lady fingers
  • Pipe your mixture on top and repeat same

Note: Finish with cocoa powder dusted on top

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