YFM unveils DJs for 2022 edition of ‘Y Clash of the DJs’

YFM unveils DJs for 2022 edition of ‘Y Clash of the DJs’

Ghana’s leading entertainment radio station for the ‘Young and Young at Heart’, YFM, has outdoored top-drawer DJs to represent the brands on the triangle (Y107.9FM – Accra, Y102.5FM – Kumasi and Y97.9 FM – Takoradi) in the 2022 edition of the ‘Y Clash of DJs’.

The ‘Y Clash of the DJs’ will see A-list DJs from the triangle go head-to-head and boot for boot against each other in an epic musical atmosphere battling in selection, transitions, mixes, rhythm and pulse.

Hosting this year’s edition of the ‘Y Clash of the DJs’ dubbe: ‘One Sound, One Tribe’, the ‘Y Hot Squad’ from Y97.9FM – Takoradi, will be looking forward to defining ‘host and win’ as they come up crunch against both Y107.9 FM – Accra and Y102.5 FM – Kumasi on April 15.

The official DJs representing the ‘Y Hot Squad’ for the much-anticipated ‘Y Clash of the DJs’ are the ‘highly inflammable’ – DJ Gunshot, the ‘only version of the best’ – DJ Edita and the ‘only DJ with the cues to the beat’ – Cue beatz. TJ DJ will lead the squad as the official hype man for the Taadi squad.

The ‘Yvengers’ from the Y107.9 FM – Accra have also promised to bring on their A-game to the clash after emerging second in the previous edition. The ‘Yvengers’ are puffed up for retribution and the ultimate crown as the best.

‘The Lord of the House’ – AD DJ, Mz Orstin returns with a point to correct, and the legendary ‘Shutdown King’ – DJ Mic Smith are the official DJs while the only ‘mad’ hype man, Kojo Manuel, leads the charge for Y107.9FM – Accra.

On the other hand, the Y102.5 FM – Kumasi’s ‘Killa Squad’ includes a debutant, the Yaa Asantewaa of DJs – DJ Coleda, who is highly determined to spread her signature in the ultimate battle of the DJs, ‘Y Clash of the DJs’.

Both DJ Lexes and DJ Carcious together with DJ Bongo, the approved Hype man will team up with DJ Coleda to boost up the ‘Killa Squad’, a nightmare for both Accra and Takoradi.

Head of YFM Triangle, Osei Kuffour, sharing his comments on the countdown to the ‘Y Clash of the DJs’, expressed excitement as he promises lots of surprises on the 15th of April.

“YFM is well endowed with the best and only the best of DJs in Ghana, and I can’t say enough how excited I am about the clash of the DJs. This is not just about the competition; but there is a little more to that – it is more about the fun and the kind of entertaining atmosphere we want to give to Ghanaians. To the group that won, they need to retain the crown and to those who fell short, they need to pick up the pace. You can’t miss this opportunity to meet world-class DJs first hand and show your support to the region you represent. For me, I am for YFM triangle,” he said hysterically.

The ‘Y Clash of the DJ’s was brought to life as a result of YFM’s pursuit to entertain its listeners during the delicate periods of the COVID-19 pandemic. The battle is between Ghana’s A-list DJs across the triangle, comprising of Y107.9FM in Accra, Y102.5FM in Kumasi and Y97.9FM in Takoradi. This competition will field DJs from the YFM triangle against each other in head-to-head electrifying themed battles challenging DJs on selection, transitions, mixes, rhythm and pulse.

As part of celebrating the Ghana month, the ‘Y Clash of the DJs’ also seeks to provide the platform to promote the uniqueness of our culture, our distinguished tourism, our high sense of fashion and everything that gives us our identity as Ghanaians through music.

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