DreamOval hosts Columbia University MBA students on research and learning visit

DreamOval hosts Columbia University MBA students on research and learning visit

Over the last 14 years, DreamOval has established its pedigree as a leading international Software and Technology company. In recognition of this, the fintech company was visited by a cross section of MBA students from New York’s Columbia University in their bid to understand the African Fintech and digital transaction space in Africa.

The students from Columbia University, a world- renowned university ranked among the top 5 Educational institutions in America, were on a mission to understand and document the rise and success of uniquely African digitally enabled financial transactions, including Mobile money.

The idea of Mobile Money which is now a familiar concept to most Africans is still a unique case study of financial inclusion in most parts of the Western world.

As a company that processed and enabled over $2billions worth of such transactions in the last year alone, DreamOval was one of the first companies to understand the potential for adoption of digital transactions and how it could empower Middle-class Africa into the future.

The CMO of DreamOval, Mr. Charles Kollo who received the students emphasised DreamOval was proud to help the world at large understand African innovation especially in the financial sector and the benefits it could hold for many players globally. The company already empowers many multinational companies to process financial transactions with its technology solutions.

The Professor of Business Strategy at Columbia University, Stephan Meier who led the delegation echoed the fact that there are many hidden benefits to building deeper relationships on the African continent by building synergies with firms like DreamOval, in order to move the world forward.

The students from Columbia University reemphasized  “The entire team at DreamOval were very helpful in providing us with the information we needed. They were thorough and made sure to answer all our questions completely. It was truly an enlightening and remarkable experience. DreamOval has made a name for itself and we are thrilled that we chose them to study the mobile money phenomenon in Africa.”

Mr. Claud Kweku Hutchful, CEO and Co Founder of DreamOval had this to say about the visit – “It was a pleasure to host the students from Columbia University. We are honoured to have been considered as a reliable source of information for their research, and we cannot wait to connect with them again.”

Dreamoval provides intelligent solutions to facilitate seamless, secure transactions across the world’s largest continent. Find them online at Dreamoval.com



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