New Coca-Cola ‘Zero Sugar’ launched

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

Coca-Cola Ghana has launched a new and improved recipe of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The new refreshing recipe and bold packaging promises to deliver a more refreshing taste.

Speaking at the launch of the newly improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and zero calories, dubbed: ‘Zero Gravity’, Frontline Marketing Director of Coca-Cola – West, Islands and Mid-Africa (WIMA) franchise, Arnaud N’Guessan, said it is to enable Coke fans enjoy the beverage while embracing a balanced lifestyle.

He added that the introduction of Coca‑Cola No Sugar is in line with more comprehensive actions to evolve its recipes, help reduce sugar in the company’s soft drink portfolio and offer consumers a choice of low and no-sugar drinks.

“Recognising that tastes and preferences are always evolving, we are focused on continuous improvement to give consumers the best-tasting Coca-Cola they want with zero sugar or calories — offered in the most iconic packaging, a streamlined design that celebrates the iconic logo (hug logo) and a distinctive sugar-free mentioned on the packaging,” Arnaud N’Guessan said.

Managing Director for West African Countries Business Unit, Felix Gomis explained that in 2005, the company introduced Coke Light as a non-sugar option to Coca-Cola Classic in Ghana, particularly, for persons who wanted to enjoy Coca-Cola beverage but without sugar.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar was then introduced in 2017, also as a non-sugar option and has now been reformulated by optimising its flavors.

He added that in the company’s pursuit to make Coca-Cola Zero Sugar more refreshing, it embarked on rigorous research to improve on its taste, thus, bridging the taste gap between Coca-Cola Classic which contains sugar and the non-sugar variant, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

“You may probably wonder about the adoption of the theme ‘Zero Gravity’ for this launch. Gravity, as scientists put it, is a natural phenomenon – which is a downward force acting on all matter on earth. Consequently, gravity inhibits the free movement of bodies and exerts a downward force of limitation.

Connecting this to the product being launched tonight, we are informing consumers that with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, there is no restriction for persons who still want to enjoy their original Coca-Cola taste. Eliminating sugar from this recipe now makes it possible for persons who prefer a non-sugar option to now go all out to enjoy their delicious and refreshing original Coca-Cola taste,” Mr. Gomis said.

Leveraging AfCFTA

Corporate Affairs Director, Equatorial Coca-Cola Bottling Company (ECCBC) at West African Countries Business Unit – Bethel Yeboah, said the company will leverage the African Continental Free Trade Area to further expand its horizons.

“What is interesting is that some of these things do happen and the challenge has to do with labour, having the right skills, because there are going to be players who come into the market; and so it is important to have the right skill-set within our market.

“It is an exciting opportunity; we are happy things of this nature are happening. A typical example is the ECOWAS Trade Liberalisation Scheme (ETLS) – it helps facilitate good business across borders. But we trust that moving forward each country keeps to the terms of this agreement we have signed,” he said.


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