Inna Patty throwback memories of Miss Ghana



…preaches impact on Y Leaderboard Series

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Exclusive Events Ghana Limited (EEGL) and Miss Ghana 2004, Inna Patty was hosted in the latest edition of the Y Leaderboard Series with Rev Erskine.

Y Leaderboard Series, a Wednesday segment from Y107.9FM’s Myd Morning Radio Show, where leaders and achievers from various sectors and industries in Ghana and beyond bring hope, share developmental chips, leadership and coaching tips, saw Inna Patty talk of her supportive but disciplined family of beautiful ladies, her adventures through the pageantry to rising to stardom.

Inna Patty gave a glimpse of her upbringing as she considers herself fortunate to have come from a home full of love. “I have to say we were very protected and sheltered by our parents. We get back from school have an hour of siesta as my father would insist it was too hot for us to go out and play. Then after siesta we get the chance to play a little and work on our homework. We were fortunate to have been brought up in a very loving, supportive and principled family,” she said.

She regarded not just her siblings and family, but the communal support from her neighbors as she expressed worry with this missing factor in the modern society, describing modern day Ghanaians as “self-centered, very selfish, and very self-focused.”

“It wasn’t just about your siblings and parents but the neighbors as well. We were a close knitted family of about 6 extended families who supported, nurtured and guided each other. We played, studied, schooled and had dreams together and to some extent we have achieved them.

That is the kind of environment I grew up in and sometimes it feels sad because it seems it’s missing today. I mean we shouldn’t be chasing just material wealth. Wealth is not all about the monetary value but it is a holistic approach. Your wealth as an individual must be a rounded and total package. Don’t just focus on material wealth because there is human wealth which is also very important,” she said.

Coming from an Islamic background, she also disclosed how daring it felt to reveal to her strict father she was already ‘repping’ in a beauty pageant. Yet her mother together with siblings knew and gave her the needed support not forgetting the push from her friends.

Miss Inna Patty recalled some memorable moments from the 2004 edition of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant as she described it as competitive, highly informative and entertaining.

“Miss Ghana was very competitive with ladies from all walks of lives. Our chaperon who was a lecture at UCC, a tough lady and a strong woman and we learnt a lot from her. So it was very educative, highly informative and entertaining.  I remember Yvonne, a science student from ‘Weh Gey Hey’ in the competition. Yvonne now a lawyer was very intelligent. She was always the life of a party. She eventually moved a bit into acting as well,” she said.

Surprisingly Inna Patty always wanted to become a lawyer but has never shown remorse for chasing her dream as she believes that, she has been able to achieve her dreams of making positive impacts and being a voice for the voiceless in greater capacity in her line of work.

“I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer and be the voice for the voiceless but I think I’ve been able to do that in another way. Growing up one of the values they instilled in us was being each other’s keeper. You don’t have to necessarily be family and just like it is in Islam, charity is very important. So I have always wanted to bring about change in people’s lives and I think I can do that now in a bigger capacity,” she revealed.

The CEO of EEGL further urged the youth not to take any opportunity for granted as she encourages younger ladies to always be ready. “You need to be prepared as youth. You don’t have to feel you’re not well suited for something but once you’re willing to learn and do it, then you will always be prepared.”

Using her Miss Ghana experience as an example, she explained how she devoted her time and efforts to learn greetings and introductions in the Akan language.

“The contest was held in the Ashanti Region and everyone did their introduction in English. I wanted to make a mark and resonate with the people so I had my sister record and send me a video of greeting people in Twi and a proverb. I rehearsed time and time again until it was my turn,” she shared on the YLeaderbaord Series.

“Celebrating women would not be complete without a walk through in the shoes of renowned beauty Queen and a ‘She Boss’, Inna Patty. She served us right today, especially our young ladies outside. Always avail yourself, volunteer, be committed and above all very disciplined are the lessons I took home and I throw that to the rest of the youth,” Eddy Blay Jr, Programmes Manager of YFM had this to say after yet another inspirational story.

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