UBA sets example in ‘Breaking the Bias’: appoints 17 female branch managers out of 28

UBA sets example in ‘Breaking the Bias’: appoints 17 female branch managers out of 28

It may be customary to trumpet the wonderful achievements of illustrious women during this time of the year, but their importance cannot be overemphasised.

Although women presently enjoy greater freedom and leeway relative to their predecessors in decades past, there is still a need to shatter stereotypes and break biases about female potential in various sectors, especially banking.

As Africa’s global bank, UBA is dedicated to pushing boundaries and blazing trails in all facets, particularly in women’s empowerment.

Banking is hectic. There is so much to do and so many deadlines and targets to meet. While the industry’s competitiveness may prompt some to think it is no place for a woman, UBA Ghana has shattered that perception through the dominance of women at the helm of its business offices countrywide.

While it is impressive that 7 out of every 10 UBA Ghana branch managers are women, it speaks of the bank’s commitment to help carve the Africa of tomorrow – one free of all biases, stereotypes, and misconceptions. Thus, let us celebrate feminine input in the banking sphere, and let us take pride in its innovative contributions.

Sharing experiences of their journey so far, a female Branch Manager, Belinda Yaa Dankwaa Tinkorang, said she joined UBA in 2006 as a Profit Centre Manager at the Takoradi Business Office. She was transferred to the Madina Branch in 2007 to serve as Business Manager. Having shown a penchant for leadership, she has since headed the Tema Main, East Legon 2 and Head Office branches.

Her passion for quality customer service has propelled her career to higher heights, as seen in her appointment as Group Customer Service Ambassador in 2016. She unsurprisingly advocates women empowerment as demonstrated by her grooming young ladies to take up leadership roles, and this is informed by her belief that a woman’s potential for excellence knows no bounds.

Due to the passion for customer service, she has also built an extensive network base that stems from the rich relationships she has built over the years. She epitomises the type of woman deserving of celebration – the one who goes above and beyond to attain excellence and illustriousness in her field, regardless of the hurdles.

Over a decade, Branch Manager for Tema Main Josephine Amo-Asare has risen from a teller through all operational positions to Sales and now Business manager. She says for a fact as a woman the opportunities available are for all, and for whosoever is prepared and can fit.

She commended the Regional Chief Executive Officer for West Africa, Mrs. Abiola Bawuah, for creating the opportunities for women to lead.

Christina Enos, Branch Manager for Achimota, also joined UBA in 2009 as a service personnel. Due to her hard work and ability to develop and maintain relationships, she was retained after her national service and employed as a relationship officer in September 2010.

She worked as a relationship officer through to a relationship Manager for 9 years and rose to the position of a Business Manager in the first month (October 2019) of her 10th year in UBA.

She says her new role as a Business manager of Achimota has been interesting and challenging at the same time.

The month of March may be Women’s Month, but the celebration of excellent women should not be reserved for a number of weeks or months. UBA Ghana, is dedicated to ensuring that gender equality is promoted in all facets of the bank’s business, and that eminent female minds can flourish as lionesses in the pride of the organisation.


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