Opterflow launches its Artificial Intelligence sales and marketing software

Kwabena Okyire Appianing, Founder of Opterflow

A world-class sales and marketing platform driven by artificial intelligence (AI) for lead generation, automated lead follow-ups and sales, Opterflow, has been launched in Ghana.

Opterflow allows businesses anywhere in the world to capture and start meaningful conversations, nurture sales pipelines, automate and streamline entire business processes from lead acquisition to sales without having to hire or rely on a tech team.

The platform was born out of the utter chaos that occurs when sales and marketing teams are tasked with closing deals while also managing day-to-day operations. With Opterflow, businesses get to automate every other operation and focus on closing the sales alone – something that’s been almost impossible to date.

Knowing that customers are always in search of answers if they run into a problem, Opterflow (https://Opterflow.com) does two things: it captures the most leads from customer enquiries, and it also moves them up the sales funnel for closing.

Statistics show that immediate follow-up is the most important factor in lead conversion, and a close second is making a minimum of eight attempts. However, on average, business owners and salespeople only make two to three attempts to contact prospects – which significantly reduces conversions and, more importantly, income.

What role does Opterflow play in this scenario? Again, it follows-up with prospects on autopilot in an attempt to convert them into paying customers.

Founder of Opterflow, Kwabena Okyire Appianing – a Ghanaian, said: “Without leads, most businesses will lack the sales and customer base needed to grow. Companies can’t rely on their intuition; they need to develop strategies to attract the right audience to their business.

“Opterflow is an AI-driven marketing & sales CRM that features great integration of SMS marketing, Email Marketing, Social, inbound and outbound communications, Calls, Appointments among others to make sales-closing leads stress-free for businesses.”

To help businesses capture leads and automate up to 90% of tedious and repetitive tasks, the self-serving platform from Opterflow will also help businesses capture and qualify visitors; follow-up and activate leads; and book meetings and sell.

Some essential features of Opterflow include SMS marketing, Emails marketing, Sales Pipeline Management, Website Sales Chat system, Online Calendar & Booking Systems.

Other features are Sales Funnels and Website Builder, Forms and Surveys Builder, Reputation Management, Social Media Integration (Instagram & Facebook), Google Ad and Facebook Ads Integration, and Reporting and Analytics.



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