IMaH joins global efforts to end glaucoma

IMaH joins global efforts to end glaucoma

Over the past week, the world marked the World Glaucoma week to create awareness and mobilize efforts towards the elimination of blindness, caused by the disease.

Here in Ghana, the International Maritime Hospital in Tema, has partaken in the Glaucoma awareness efforts with an intensive sensitization campaign at its hospital, the community level and via electronic media.

On Thursday the hospital held a semi-virtual forum to educate health practitioners, and the general public on the dangers of glaucoma and how to put an end to it.

The CEO of the International Maritime Hospital, Dr. Akwasi Acheampong said, with Ghana recording some of the highest numbers of glaucoma, the main objective is to encourage regular testing.

Dr. Achaempong emphasized that “it is less expensive to have continual check ups than to spend on treatment of blindness. We need to take care of ourselves. You cannot put a price on human life. You have only one eye, what good is it, if you have all the money to spend on things you can’t see?”

Resident Optometrist at IMaH, Dr. Isaac Asirifi, revealed the causes and risk factors of glaucoma.

He listed age, infections, uveitis, cataract, diabetes, and hypertension as conditions of public condition causing the disease.

He emphasized that irreversible blindness is a reality when it comes to glaucoma and should not be considered as an option.

“Also, you can always engage in the self-examination where you cover one eye while you test you vision with the other. With any signs of blurry vision please visit your nearest hospital for further assessment,” Dr. Asirifi illustrated.


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