UMB dedicates Jubilee to customers, fetes them in branches

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB), a leading indigenous Ghanaian bank yesterday feted its customers across Ghana on the occasion of its 50th anniversary celebrations.

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB), a leading indigenous Ghanaian bank yesterday feted its customers across Ghana on the occasion of its 50th-anniversary celebrations.

Customers and patrons of the bank were pleasantly surprised to be welcomed with refreshments as they transacted their business in the bank’s branches. Officials of the bank at all levels were on hand to welcome customers and to extend their gratitude for 50 years of loyalty.

 indigenous Ghanaian bank

Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) opened its doors to the public in 1972, as a policy bank established by the state. It was purposely set up to assure the republic its own indigenous merchant banking capacity. The bank pioneered new initiatives in corporate and merchant banking in Ghana, including the deepening of the culture of capital markets in Ghana.

The bank’s chief executive, Nana Dwemoh Benneh noted: “This jubilee is totally dedicated to our customers. We will celebrate it by touching base with as many of our customers as we can, essentially getting as much feedback as possible on how we can serve them better in the next 50 years.

Our Bank has a deep and proud heritage, and we are determined to continue our tradition of providing a uniquely Ghanaian perspective on banking, since 1972.”

In answering further questions on the Jubilee, Nana Benneh noted “we have several customer-focused initiatives lined up in the year. In doing this, we would like to remind Ghana of our heritage and the links to our history. I daresay the history of wholesale banking in Ghana cannot be told without UMB. At the same time, we look forward purposefully to the next 50 years, where we expect to use technology to deliver competitive value to our customers.”

A number of customers of the bank expressed their surprise and indicated how touched they were, at the bank’s thoughtfulness.

 indigenous Ghanaian bank

Patricia Adjei, a customer of the bank within the Okaishie enclave in Accra said: “We have known UMB in the central business district, for decades and they are a true partner for business growth. What we like about them is that they are Ghanaian and seem to understand our peculiar needs.”

UMB is a full-service financial institution specializing in customized banking products and services. Licensed by the Bank of Ghana, the bank prides itself on being a completely indigenous Ghanaian bank. UMB is noted for bringing a uniquely Ghanaian perspective to banking, since 1972.


UMB’s strategic intent is to become a digital-first, SME focused bank, leveraging its significant corporate banking and public-sector brand equity to evolve a profitable retail banking franchise, using technology to offer competitive products and services to customers and clients.


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