Women CEO Leadership Network to be launched at Ghana CEO Summit

Women CEO Leadership Network to be launched at Ghana CEO Summit

The 6th Ghana CEO Summit, scheduled to be held on May 23, 2022, will launch a Women CEO Leadership Network, summit founder Ernest De-Graft Egyir has revealed. According to Egyir, “this network will enable the finest women in leadership pool intellectual, financial and social capital to enhance their skills and capacities.”

It has been observed that despite the unravelling of negative social stereotypes, there still remains a gender gap at the executive level of corporate leadership. This gap is reflected in the underrepresentation of women at the top.

More work needs to be done to shatter the stereotypes, break barriers and churn out more formidable female business leaders. Current female leaders must be offered needed safety nets to be able to optimize their effectiveness and deepen their impact. Others need to be empowered to be able to rise up the chain of leadership and influence.

Mr. Egyir is convinced that, “This is how we can ‘Break the Bias’ against women, as stipulated by the theme of this year’s celebration of International Women’s Day.”

The formation of the Women CEO Leadership Network is an effort by the Ghana CEO Network to bridge the gender gap and provide support to women in leadership. The network will highlight and reinforce the strengths of women in top level corporate leadership while providing ladders of solutions to overcome obstacles that uniquely confront women. Issues to be addressed by the network include wage gap, opportunities, discrimination and stereotypes, work and family life balance, professional development and career progression as well as networking. Also, the network will be active in advocating for STEM education and mentorship for girls and emerging female leaders.

Mr. Egyir is confident that, “The activities of the Women CEO Leadership Network will be instrumental in pushing Ghana towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, which is about gender equality.” Over the years, the Ghana CEO Summit has been an advocate of integrating the SDGs into corporate strategy.

Further, Mr. Egyir made known made known that the 2022 summit will host a panel discussion on “Women, Leadership and the Post Pandemic world.” Trending issues such as women in the new world of work, building an ecosystem for women in fourth industrial revolution jobs, promoting lifelong learning in STEM and computing among others will be addressed.

The theme for this year’s Ghana CEO Summit is “Digital Leadership for the Digital Economy: Leading Digital Business and Government Transformation – A private-public sector dialogue.” Leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world could be an overwhelming endeavor. It is the goal of this summit to equip leaders to be able to navigate the maze and create shared value for the society.

The CEO Summit is the foremost business conference for CEOs, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers for high impact learning, business opportunities and solutions, networking deals as well as dialogue with government.

Since inception in 2016, the summit has established itself as a unique thought leadership platform for high level business meetings, thought-provoking discussions and trend-setting presentations. It is expected that this year’s edition will build on previous successes chalked by the summit.

The Ghana CEO Summit is an initiative of CEO Network Ghana in partnership with Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Deloitte, University of Ghana, Ministry of Communications and Digitalization, Ministry of Public Enterprises and State Interests and Governance Authority.

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