Indian Scientific Foundation appoints Prof Nyarkotey as Head of International Chapter of Education and Scientific Research

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Prof. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu

Prof. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu has been honored as the International Chapter of Education and Scientific Research by the Innovative Education and Scientific Research Foundation (IESRF) of India.

Prof. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu who has distinguished himself in Naturopathic Medicine Profession by educating the general public with frequent articles on diverse areas in the national newspapers.

Prof. Nyarkotey is the president of the Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine and Technology (NUCHMT), Ghana’s first ever Naturopathic Medical school with many national and international collaborations.

He has recently led a team of fine academics to develop Ghana’s first ever National Occupational standards for Naturopathy and Holistic Health Sciences at the Higher National Diploma (HND) and Bachelor of Technology. This is a major breakthrough to help streamline the profession of Naturopathic Medicine.

Prof. Nyarkotey is also the president of the African Naturopathic Foundation and the editor in chief of the Ghana Alternative Medicine Journal, published by the SAS Publishers, India. Prof. Nyarkotey was also part of the global naturopathic community that contributed to the first Health Technology Assessment book on Naturopathy published by the World Naturopathic Federation, Canada.

He has placed Ghana on the global map of Naturopathic practice and education. The Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine and Technology is an educational Member of the World Naturopathic Federation, Canada. Prof. Nyarkotey Obu has published over five hundred science articles in National Newspapers and over fifty peer reviewed articles in journals. He has also authored over ten books and five book chapters.

He was honored as a Professor by the Vinnystia State Pedagogical University, Ukraine, in 2019 at the age of 34 years making him as one of the youngest professors in recent times and regarded as the father of modern Naturopathic Medicine in Ghana.

His appointment was facilitated by one renowned Board-Certified Researcher in Anatomy, Dr. Mayuhk Pandit in India, who chanced on his works and recommended him to the prestigious organization in India.

The Innovative Education and Scientific Research Foundation (IESRF) of India is one of the Leading non-profit organization dedicated to Medical and Scientific Research. IESRF is associated with various Scientists, Medical Professionals, Research Scholars and Students who are whole heartedly dedicated to research and development in the field of Medical, Health, Pharmaceutical, Nursing, Dental and allied science. IESRF is a pioneer body committed to innovation with quality in the area of research which resulted in scientific revolution and sustainable development in research field.

IESRF is a unique platform where innovations & research interest will be supported and developed as per mutual interests with researchers and scholars. The platform has Professional leaders and it is associated with Universities, Organizations that connects proficient people with each other with a divine mission to work together as wizard of science for a betterment of society.

IESRF effectively connects various scientists and research scholars to exchange global innovation and act as a link between Researchers & Academicians. In order to facilitate an effective communication IESRF organizes the following events periodically.

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