40 years of God’s glory, hard work and vision

40 years of God’s glory, hard work and vision

The journey of Yaa Amoako-Adu 

The next generation of women leaders set the bar of excellence higher because of extraordinary women leaders this generation has gifted them as role models and Mentors.

One of such women par excellence is Yaa Amoako-Adu of Integrity Logistics and Consult Limited and Apave Ghana Inspection. From an unassuming beginning as an office clerk to Oil and Gas CEO, Yaa’s story does not only inspire possibility, it also presents to many the results of determination and hard-work.

Growing up in Takoradi, Miss Amoako-Adu saw opportunities in the Twin-City when others were thinking of greener pastures out of the third largest city in Ghana.

An alumnus of Chapel Hill School in Takoradi, Miss Amoako-Adu proceeded to Fijai Secondary School at Sekondi and then to the University of Cape Coast where she studied Business Administration.

Her childhood dream of becoming an Air Hostess led her to intern at North American Airline in Accra. Whilst at the North American Airline, she met one Michael Dickson, a staff of Kosmos Energy who offered her a job in Takoradi. Since the job was not through an official means, Mr. Dickson paid Yaa personally. This did not assure her of job security.


Whilst with Kosmos Energy, she gained an employment with Global Energy Ventures who were ready to give her GHc275 as an Administrator, against GHc500 at Kosmos Energy. To her, it was a glorious opportunity to have a secured job so she accepted the offer. She rose through the rank of Administrator to Administrator and Finance and finally as Local Content Manager.


She later joined Apave Ghana Limited as an Office Administrator. Her interview with Apave was even at the Restaurant in Takoradi, she reveals. From 2011 to 2015, she was with Apave as an Administrator. Miss Amoako-Adu is one of the many who benefitted from the Petroleum Commission LI 2204 in Ghana.

This Legislative Instrument requires foreign companies to have local partners to even bid for any contract in Ghana. Her company Integrity Logistics and Consult Limited therefore partnered the third-party inspection company to form the joint venture, Apave Ghana Inspection.

To the mother of two, when preparation meets opportunity like her case, success has no choice than to be strongly present.

Using her life story to inspire the next generation of women leaders, Miss Amoako-Adu has started a not-for-profit organization, ‘Virtuous Boardroom’ to focus more on women empowerment.

With the vision to build a community with strong and influential women making positive impact in their respective fields, Virtuous Boardroom has already supported 30 teenage mothers through school, artisanship and other fields. To her, that is their second chance in life.

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