Vodka and Chocolate: …a match made for influencers as Smirnoff Chocolate showcases a ‘Chocolatey Experience’


Some Ghanaian influencers have been cherry-picked and gifted personalized boxes of goodies from Smirnoff Chocolate in its ‘Chocolatey Experience’ campaign.

‘The Chocolatey Experience’ is earmarked to celebrate the rich Ghanaian chocolate flavour that has been infused with world-class vodka to create Smirnoff Chocolate. For many Vodka lovers, a combination of Vodka and Chocolate may sound a bit puzzling, but a treat of Smirnoff Chocolate on the rocks or in a cocktail will leave your taste buds dancing.

Smirnoff Chocolate was outdoored recently by Guinness Ghana to create a feeling of indigenousness among Ghanaians. Ghana, being the second-largest producer of cocoa in the world, Guinness Ghana took up the progressive step to innovatively blend the international vodka Smirnoff, with chocolate flavour which in true Smirnoff fashion, inspires Ghanaians to step up and break from the norm.

TikTok and Instagram sensations such as Asantewaa, Yankey Himself, Ama Burland, Erica Emefa, and a host of others received gift boxes of the ‘Chocolatey Experience’ containing a bottle of Smirnoff Chocolate Vodka, Smirnoff infused chocolate, branded party cups, a mini-Bluetooth speaker, a branded pen drive and a cocktail recipe. Enough for a party with the ‘Homies’.

Smirnoff Chocolate is best enjoyed when shared. It exudes authenticity and a sense of Ghanaian pride. It is the gentle reminder that even in not very good times, we can take a break, let our hair down and take a sip of something that is made for us. A drink that gives hope to cocoa farmers. A drink that unites us at any gathering. A very affordable drink retailing at GHS 35 only.

Wherever you are, whenever you think of home, and something that you could drink to remind you of your true self as a Ghanaian, think of Smirnoff Chocolate. It is the new taste of Ghana.

Smirnoff Chocolate Vodka is not suitable for pregnant women and persons below 18 years of age. Remember to always drink responsibly.

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