Inclab Entrepreneurship Challenge to support a start-up with US$5,000

Inclab Entrepreneurship Challenge to support a start-up with US$5,000

An international non-profit organisation and a humanitarian institution, Inclab Foundation, has introduced an Entrepreneurship Challenge to support Ghanian start-ups upscale their operations and compete globally.

The Challenge’s maiden edition aims to motivate entrepreneurs who have inculcated some digital integration into their operations. Start-ups qualified for this Challenge should be at least one year old.

The competition will see the ultimate winner walk away with funding of US$5,000 as a seed fund as well as mentorship support for his/her start-up.

The Inclab Entrepreneurship Challenge is seeking to promote entrepreneurship among the youth in the country through idea development, training, and mentoring through to project implementation. The Challenge will see a maximum of 100 young people between the ages of 18 and 32 selected from all regions in Ghana to compete for three (3) calendar months.

The project will begin with calls for ideas or start-ups from all over the country as each entrant applies at the company’s website thus – Registration will officially be opened on 27th February.

Through a series of evaluation criteria, a maximum of hundred (100) start-ups will be selected from the pool of applications received at the entry stage. This will bring the initial number of selected candidates to 100 nationwide. The hundred qualified entrants will be screened down to fifty (50) by a jury.

A jury will meet the (50) qualified entrants and select a total of ten (10) start-ups from the (50) after they have presented their ideas to the jury. The final ten (10) will be housed (Incubation Stage) for not less than twenty-five (25) days, and receive training and mentoring to develop their ideas into full projects. A total of ten (10) start-ups from the incubation stage will be selected to the Pitching Stage, where entrants will get an opportunity to pitch their ideas to investors for possible funding.

After careful evaluation of the projects during the Incubation Period, a seasoned jury will select the most viable project to receive funding up to US$5,000. The remaining teams will receive complementary rewards from partners and sponsors.

The Inclab Entrepreneurship Challenge has been organised by Inclab Foundation to help cut down youth unemployment, as it remains one of the biggest national security threats to the country. The Inclab Entrepreneurship Challenge seeks to help empower the youth by helping them create their own jobs, and have the capacity to employ others too.


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