Engaging priority clients to invest with a purpose

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Plc

Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Plc has engaged a cross-section of priority clients on how to protect their investments and grow their wealth. This initiative forms part of efforts by the bank to protect and meet the needs of clients in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Investment advisors explained the need for clients to take good investment decisions.

Alternatively, the priority clients were advised to invest in government of Ghana local bonds or Standard Chartered managed Mutual Funds to make more money. Clients were made to understand that they were eroding the value of their cash if left idle in their account, as the advantages of investing are enormous. The engagement session was also to introduce the clients to investment opportunities to help them make the right decisions.

Dr. Setor Quashigah, Head Affluent and Wealth Management, said in her welcome address: “For over 125 years, Standard Chartered has put the needs of clients first. We will not expose clients to unnecessary risk. The real cost of investment is the decision not to invest,” she added.

At Standard Chartered, our advisory capabilities are unmatched – with our ability to offer clients access to the Ghana Eurobond market and provide them with a vast array of other securities. The clients also have the advantage of unlocking extra funds by using their investments as collateral to request a secured overdraft facility at competitive rates. Clients have access to the bank’s Digi Advisory Services and can do all their investments themselves on the SC Mobile App.

The icing on the cake for priority clients was the presentation on Bancassurance. The juicy insurance packages Standard Chartered offers from insurance partners Prudential Life and Enterprise Life – namely Legacy Life Plan and Future Plus Plan to mention a couple – will secure the lives of clients’ families should be unfortunate happen. The priority clients are assured of prompt payment of insurance claims; some within five days.

Clients who participated in the Member Get Member Campaign were rewarded with gift vouchers. This was to encourage customers to recommend Standard Chartered products to friends and family.


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