Coalition of Private Commercial Transport Operators off negotiation table


…as transport fare set to increases by 30%

The Coalition Private Commercial Transport Operators has indicated that, starting Friday February 18, 2022 transport fares would be increased by 30 percent.

According to the group, this has become necessary to save transport business from collapsing with the frequent upward adjustments in fuel prices.

In an interview with the B&FT, the Chairman of the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, Charles Danso said the coalition will not be seen negotiating any issue on transport fare increment with the transport ministry or government anymore as it has made its final decision.

“Now petrol is GH¢36 per gallon, I am part of the coalition, GPRTU is part, so do you think we should stay and be waiting for the transport ministry, the marriage is broken and we are not meeting them. We are increasing it. There is no negotiation anymore,” he said.

“A gallon of fuel which used to sell at the pump for GH¢27, has now jumped to almost GH¢36 per gallon,” he bemoaned.


In a press statement the group stated that it was propelled to go ahead with the increment because even before they could finalise negotiations with the government, another increment on fuel prices had occurred.

“As the public may be aware, the government and the Coalition of Private Commercial Transport Operators are still engaged in marathon negotiation for an increase in transport fares. While we the operators are calling for a 30% increase in transport fares, the government has put on the table 10%.


As a result, the negotiation ended inconclusively and is expected to continue tomorrow, 18th February, 2022. Sadly, before the scheduled meeting with government could take place, fuel prices have been increased by about 30 pesewas per litre. Now a litre of fuel at some of the major filling stations are being sold for GHȻ 7.990,” it stated.


Mr. Danso added that if government does not want the increment it should speak to the Oil Marketing Companies to bring the fuel prices down, so the transport fares do not go up.


The Private Commercial Transport Operators has therefore directed its members to implement the increase from Friday, February 18 2022, without further delay.

In view of this, it entreated its valued customers to bear with them as there is the need to save their business, sustain it and keep providing commuters with critical services.

Fuel hikes killing us

The unpredictable nature of fuel prices in the country, some citizens said is causing difficulties and affecting the standard of living.

Commenting on the expected 30percent increment, some commuters argued that the increment is going to affect everything including even the food items, which will make life tough especially when the economy is not favouring them.

“It is very troubling, our salaries have not been increased but we have to increase budget for our expenses and this is a worry,” one commuter has lamented.

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