Enroll into fashion and design, it is backbone of present & future vocations – Elfrida Annan admonishes youth


Elfrida Annan, Chief Executive Officer of El-An School of Fashion and Design has recommended that, Ghanaian youth should see the fashion and design industry as an opportunity and a viable alternative for skills acquisition which would enable them gain control over the affairs of their economic well-being.

According to the fashion and design expert, it is very noteworthy for the youth to embrace a vocational job for themselves because that is the gateway to their financial stability and economic freedom, which would forever be a part and parcel of their lives.

She cautioned the youth to use the early months of the year as a sober reflection of their lives to strategize and restructure their goals by including a vocation as part of their plans for the year, which she assured that it would be the ultimatum to alleviating the tag of unemployment on them.

The CEO of El-An School of Fashion made this clarion call while interacting with some youth in Accra about the need to acquire vocational skills for themselves

Adding to the above, the El-An School of Fashion and Design CEO indicated that fashion and design has always been the vocation of yesterday, today and would forever remain a demanding vocation because the world is totally ruled by fashion.

Furtherance to the above, she mentioned that fashion always pave way for very several opportunities both locally and internationally, and also accomplishes one’s ambition in the fashion industry.

On her part, when an individual is going to learn fashion, it was important for the youth to enroll in an illustrative, practical and intensive school that has all it takes to bring out the best of fashion and design sense in the trainee.

The aforementioned, she reiterated is the exact hallmark of El-An School of Fashion and Design which has the track records of transforming fashion and design enthusiasts to fashion designers who are making magnificent strides in their vocational endeavours.

At El-An School of Fashion and Design, students are taught how to be excellent entrepreneurs and quality marketers of their fashion and design products which helps them to be top-notch in the competitive market.

Ms. Annan underscored that, El-An School of Fashion creates an enabling environment for students to quickly adopt to new trends that makes a designer very sought-after in her classic and elegant styles used.

El-An school of fashion is noted for their uniqueness in imbibing good values in their students through the available well curated programmes including fashion design, bridal, toiling and draping among several value-for money courses, adding that more information and interactions about the school could be enquired and made through Facebook.

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