Kasapreko not involved in money laundering

Kasapreko not involved in money laundering

Management of Kasapreko Company Limited has refuted claims circulating in the media that the company has been fingered in a money laundering scheme, thereby ending up in a court suit.

The report, published by The Chronicle newspaper on the 4th of February 2022, alleged that the beverages manufacturing and distributing company has been hauled to court in two separate suits over alleged economic and financial crimes.

However, a press statement from management has debunked such allegations – stating that the company has never been involved in any money laundering operations, nor been served with any court suit to that effect.

“We have not been served with any suit, neither are we aware of any suit against Kasapreko Company Limited for alleged money laundering issues. Kasapreko has never been involved in any money laundering in its operations.

“Over the years, Kasapreko Company Limited has been one of the most tax-compliant companies in Ghana. As a matter of fact, in 2019 Kasapreko Company Limited was awarded as the Best Indigenous Tax Compliant Company for 2018 by Ghana Revenue Authority.

“We are in talks with our lawyers for the appropriate advice, and we will do what is needful to protect our brand – even if it means suing The Chronicle newspaper and the Movement for Truth and Accountability for the malicious publication and defamation,” management stated.

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