This is Leadership : Are you a GOOD Leader?

To Delegate or not to Delegate

Leaders will always Come and Go

Everyone can be a leader (Munroe 2013). Interestingly, not everyone can be a good leader (Ahenkorah 2021). It is the most genuine argument we fail to debate and rather justify by saying that every leader has a leadership style.

To the point, every leader must have the essential abilities and must be approved of a role to be of a golden kind with the prerequisite qualities of leadership to be of benefit to others and to be able to fix situations. You lead to create desired conditions for followers to become better than their usual selves and to also make situations better for growth.  That’s leadership.

Many of us have led and have followed. Interestingly, the feelings are different and the expectations are obviously not the same. The new book ‘Are you a Good Leader?’, will tell you more and will equip you with the Tips, Tools and Techniques of 21st century Leadership. There are points in leadership development that professionals must get to, and there are cannonballs that followers must carry on the journey. The skill, the science, the art and the character required to develop yourself into leadership positions are crucial to the delivery.

Although leaders can be revered as avatars, no leader is immortal.  Hence, power is transient, as always said by many leadership gurus including Maxwell (2013) and Welch and Welch (2005). The book ‘are you a good leader?’ sums up the attitude of a 21st Century Leader and it also creates the understanding of an atmosphere for leadership progression. The book taps into the PEN as proposed by the Author. Good leaders have Passion.

They generate and also radiate loads of their energies over their teams and the people they manage. Passion is not enough as far as Leadership Development is concerned. Experience is key, the Author proposes. As the street will say it, you cannot put money on experience. Leadership development requires that you stash loads of experience on your journey. Leaders must also be Nimble enough to navigate through storms.

Leaders must hold the PEN throughout the Leadership journey and this is crucial for leader success. When leaders get to know that leaders will come and go, their approach to people, work and life in general, always appear different. When leaders lack foreknowledge of their actions, they find it difficult to manage the power of their intelligence.

From the book, we’ll get to know that leadership is also about SOAR. Service. Ownership. Agility. Respect. Learning to Serve people, Owning each process, being Agile and Respecting the team you represent are keys to leader success. There’s no point to see yourself above teams, in leadership situations. Leadership, same as respect, is earned. That’s the reason why followers who resort to expert and referent powers are seen as eventual leaders in team development scenarios.

Good 21st century leadership literature proposes that leaders must see and treat their teams as partners for growth and success. You have to Get the 30 most powerful Tips, Tools and Techniques.

This is Leadership!

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