Ekumfi Abor enstools Nana Techie-Enua III as Gyasehemaa

Ekumfi Abor enstools Nana Techie-Enua III as Gyasehemaa

pledge to support dev’t of the town

Nana Techi-Enua III aka Mrs Naomi Sablah was born into the Dehyena Royal Family (Ebusua) of Ekumfi Abor by Nana Techienua II who was the Gyasehenmaa of Ekumfi Abor who ruled for 43 years until she passed away on December 13, 2019.                   

When it became imperative that Nana Takyi-Enua II be succeeded, the search team of Dehyena Ebusua of Ekumfi Abor and by custom and tradition selected Nana Tekyi-Enua III her daughter to succeed the late queen.

Nana Tekyi-Enua III was afterwards introduced by the Head of Dehyena Family Ebusuapayin Kwame Enu to Chiefs (Nananom) and people of Ekumfi Abor on September 6, 2021.

On January 19, 2022, Nana Tekyi-Enua III was confined to go through all the necessary traditional rites and was fully installed as the Gyasehenmaa of Ekumfi Abor on January 22, 2022.

At a durbar organised in her honour, Nana Techi-Enua swore an oath of allegiance and loyalty to Nana Amoasi VII the Chief of Abor (and Ankobeahen of Ekumfi Traditional Area) and the people of Ekumfi Abor.

Born in February 1969, Nana attended Methodist Primary and JSS in Koforidua and Ghana Senior High School (GHANASS) of Koforidua. She’s currently pursuing a Business Administration at the All Nations University in Koforidua.

Following her swearing-in, Nana pledged to support Nana Amoasi VII and his Queen-mother Nana Araba Ahinfuwa III to bring development into the Ekumfi Abor community especially on issues related to adolescents which is spearhead by Nana Arhinfuwaa III. Additionally, as a prominent member of Ekumfi Abor Professional Association (EAPA), she will bring her expertise at the disposal of the association to speed up the developmental agenda of the group.

Traditionally, the position of Gyasehen and Gyasehemaa represent the wife of the Stool (the King), hence the name Gyase (Kitchen). In that role, the regalia, adornment, and the care-taken of the king is their prime responsibility.

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