Poetry Corner: Oh that new life in the new year

Poetry Corner

The sudden change dazed YBK

It was only yesterday

Just before he went to bed

He wondered when he would be a bona fide employee

Waking up to chase the fast-moving bus bound for the Ministries

Working to earn a real regular salary

Not the casual, menial jobs he did for a fee


Now YBK works at the Ministry of Human Resources

He works as the Special Assistant to the H.R.

His white shirt and black bow tie matches his job title

No, not as the Chief Chef with a golden tulip

His office desk is as large as his pay packet

No need to shuttle to settle at a table


Now YBK traces his name to a payroll

Now he has a fat bank account

Now he signs a branded cheque book

Now he owns an ATM card

This New Year is promising him a new look


His new house is a dream-come-true

Situated in the middle of somewhere

Where he commutes easily to everywhere

His dream house makes him want to live nowhere

All a house needs to be a home is here


Soon he would qualify for a car loan

He would ride and ride on asphalted lanes

First to his friends

Who doubted he could ever rise

Next to his kinfolk

Who prayed for his rise

Then to his enemies

Who wished he would never rise


The fuel he buys is so cheap

Sponsored by a coupon

What did he do to so reap?

Where had he sown?

“Oh yeah,” he remembers

The oil find is dripping to its peak

The oil rigs are widening deep


It was only yesterday

His wife was whining and sighing

Complaining and quarreling

Over a womb so barren

Now she is singing melodious tunes

Now she is bouncing bouncy twins

…and counting


Now YBK enters the Pizza Hut

Through the maim door

He had not come this far before

He is in for a pizza hunt

Now he enters the Grill House

Through the main door

He had not done so before

He is here for a full chicken party

It was only yesterday

He was yearning for a bite

Now he has a pizza and a full chicken at his side


Now YBK felt a tap on his shoulder

It was so light at first…then heavy

He had been sleeping…and snoring noisily

The sudden jolt to reality saddened him

Then he began to shiver… and shudder

Why did this new life in a New Year take an early shower?


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