Behind the Lamborghini Gallardo

Behind the Lamborghini Gallardo

While there is a facelift in the automobile world, Lamborghini Gallardo looks hotter and more theatrical, the design overall is less unified. With no mechanical updates, the car is now less of a threat to Ferrari kind than it ever was.

Recently, the founder of the All-People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga showed off this flashy Lamborghini Gallardo cars in a post on social media. The pictures alone sent tongues wagging on social media after cruising in town in his vintage vehicle showing that driving one is still a delight – if not as rewarding as being behind the wheel of one of its supercar rivals.

Lamborghini Gallardo is an Italian supercar-make and has hot entry-level model, don’t assume it is a lesser striking sports car. One only has to take a look at the statistics to which you’ll realise that this darling Gallardo is the real desire.

This hot Lambo has a mid-mounted V10 that churns out 552 horsepower, acceleration to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, a 199-mph top speed and a price tag that will wow you to know its hotness and why it should all do it for you.

What the numbers don’t say, however, is just as important. Unlike most Lamborghinis from the past, the Gallardo is pretty driver-friendly, with a civilised and comfortable cabin, top-notch materials and tasteful design. By comparison, many precious Lamborghinis were lumbered with hot and stifling cockpits, poor visibility and questionable biotechnology.


The Lamborghini Gallardo is powered by a mid-mounted 5.0-liter V10 engine that sends a massive 552 hp and 398 pound-feet of torque to all four wheels. All Gallardos feature a six-speed manual transmission with gated metal shifter as standard, while an automated six-speed sequential-shift manual transmission known as e-gear is optional.

In review, it states that the EPA estimates fuel economy for Gallardos with the e-gear transmission at 14/20 mpg for the city/highway and 16 mpg in combined driving. The manual transmission is expected to deliver 12/20/15 mpg.


Standard safety equipment for the Lamborghini Gallardo includes antilock brakes, stability control and side airbags.


The Lamborghini Gallardo’s performance is just as otherworldly as one would expect from any exotic sports car. The V10 power plant shrieks off the line as the revs climb toward redline. Compared to models from rival manufacturer Ferrari, this car is slightly less nimble and tossable. It is, however, perfectly at home blasting down the highway and carving through high-speed sweepers.

Breaking the rear wheels loose and inducing wild oversteer is only a quick tap away on the gas pedal, while numerous changes to the suspension and limited-slip diff allow the driver to hold and control this fishtail with considerable ease. Regardless of which Gallardo you may find yourself piloting, excitement and passion are guaranteed.


Unlike previous Lamborghini models, Gallardo provides a fairly liveable cabin, thanks in large part to influence from parent company Audi. Leather and soft-touch materials adorn much of the interior, as one might expect, but the switchgear, gauges and multimedia driver interface are essentially pulled from the Audi parts bin. Some might bemoan this distillation of Lamborghini’s traditional Italian character, but most will appreciate Audi’s injection of ergonomic know-how into the Gallardo’s cockpit. Further advancements can be found in the fundamentally sound driving position and the comfortable and supportive seats.

However, the aforementioned multimedia interface leaves something to be desired, as the control knob and accompanying buttons are placed next to the screen rather than near the shifter, requiring altogether too much driver attention given the Gallardo’s fearsome capabilities. Furthermore, storage space is negligible, and only the most limber drivers will find ingress and egress to their liking — par for the course in this segment, perhaps, but some competing models provide supercar performance without requiring contortionist antics to get behind the wheel.

Lamborghini’s Gallardo is just a hot machine.

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