Corporate Poet: Start right

poetry corner

In all things, there’s a starting point

The stage where everything begins

The initiation of the whole process

Where the wheels begin to turn

Driven by the passion to succeed

Through the power of determination

By the person with the great vision

A positive mindset is the foundation

Remember to start right !


Know your strength and weakness

Check yourself and identity your talent

Combine your effort with perseverance

While remaining focused with dedication

There is nothing good that comes easy

Starting smaller and ending up bigger

Remember to start right !


The beginning is important

From a toddler to a pupil

From a pupil to a student

From a student to employment

From employment to counselling

From counselling to planning

From planning to marriage

From marriage to a parent

Remember to start right !


When starting a business

Gather the relevant information

And research on the market trends

Bring out your business strategy

While checking the legal requirements

With your human resource ready

Your business is ready to go

Remember to start right !


When acquiring a piece of land

Start with your due diligence

Buy from the genuine owners

After considering your budget

Go for a qualified architect

And get your building permit

Get an experienced contractor

And begin with a good foundation

Without stress and pressure

You will complete the project

Remember to start right !

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