Cassie Homes opens to offer affordable real estate services to all


There is always an opportunity in real estate, it is just a matter of finding the opportunity in the current market and Cassie Homes has found that opportunity to make it possible for everyone to feel at home.

Cassie Homes is a real estate agency with a team of highly experienced realtor practitioners and property consultants who help clients acquire their desired home services including the acquisition of houses, lands acquisition, renting of luxurious apartments, renovations, management of properties and construction of homes among other home services across the country.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Cassie Homes, Cassandra Kyei Karikari said her entry into real estate, a-business-turned-passion, is because of her love of helping and leading people to bring to reality their dream by acquiring their preferred properties at convenient prices.

The young and vibrant entrepreneur revealed that her passion for real estate was inspired by not only the quest to become an independent young lady but to be recognized as a well-renowned entrepreneur both in the local and international market.

“I have come to love it because knowing that people can invest and get returns on their investment is great news. I am really hoping that it will go so well that internationally, locally, everyone will hear about my business, and if anyone thinks of buying a home or renting a home, they think of Cassie Homes,” she said.

Ms Karikari noted that real estate is a very up-close-and-personal business adding that with so many home visits and showings, agents including herself tend to face humorous and downright r-rated situations.

Another business

As an entrepreneur, Ms. Karikari does not run only Cassie Homes. She has another business but this time in clothing and accessories. Called Cassie Trendz, her shop, which was recently re-opened is stocked with some of the known fashion brands and latest trends. According to the young CEO, the decision to re-open Cassie Trendz was to revive the brand as well as revive people’s interests while creating more awareness since its launch in 2017.

“With the reopening of Cassie Trendz, I wanted to rebrand because at a point my focus was solely on the homes so there was a long break with Cassie Trendz and I had to do a rebrand and come up better, so that was the reason for the reopening,” she noted.

She expressed excitement about the progress made since the start of the two businesses and is hopeful to chalk up more victories in her entrepreneurial journey.

“So far so good, I am amazed by the outcome. When I started, I was thinking I wasn’t going to get support from people, but that wasn’t the case and I don’t see this as my only business that I will venture into, because I have other things in the pipeline. I have a poultry farm in Kasoa, I also plan to bring in hairs to sell, aside from that I sell mattresses and Uber cars, so there is a lot of business that I am interested in,” she said.

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