CalBank Obaapa Series: A focus on Ceda De Ventures

CalBank Obaapa Series: A focus on Ceda De Ventures
Cecilia Blankson, owner of Ceda De-Ventures

In 2017, I started a business and was dealing in corporate wears and accessories.  I also retail home and office furniture and construction hardware. My name is Cecilia Blankson, owner of Ceda De-Ventures, my shops are in the Takoradi Shopping Mall.

My shop was located outside the central business center, so I had always looked forward to having an outlet at a more visible location.  In 2019, I had an opportunity to rent an 85 square meter shop to relocate my clothing outlet to the Takoradi Mall but I did not have the money to pay for the rent because as an importer, I made most of my purchases on cash basis but sold on both cash and credit terms. Even if I managed to get the shop from my working capital, I would need more money to stock up the new shop because it was a much bigger space and was known to have high patronage.

After opening an account with the CalBank Takoradi Market Circle Branch, I was introduced to the CalBank Obaapa Loan.  The team from my branch took time to understand my business and offered me a superb flexible payment plan.

In the wake of the pandemic, my Relationship Officer came on his routine visits and engaged me on account related issues. Hmmm, I had unpaid loan instalment on my account and did not know what to say.  I opened to him on my locked containers (goods) in china and hence the shortage of stock at my shops and its consequences on sales.

I am happy to say the Branch through the Women’s Banking Unit granted me deferment for months till my goods arrived from China and I mean I did not pay a pesewa for the loan during the heat of the pandemic. It saved me money to clear my containers.

I have seen significant growth in my business because of my presence in the mall. I have acquired an additional shop which is 240 square meters. This is to take advantage of the improved exposure to the middle- and upper-class shoppers that patronize the Mall.

Yes, I recommend CalBank Obaapa Loan to any Woman in Business because they go the extra mile to serve their clients and show empathy in crisis moments. CalBank Obaapa Loan is not just talk, I have experienced it and it is real! CalBank Forward together.



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